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The first round of ISTEP, the applied skills portion, has been completed. Both the teachers and the students have been very positive and confident in their responses to questions about how it went. The teachers reported that virtually all students concentrated and worked diligently using the entire allowed testing time in most cases. They also reported that the students stayed positive and seemed confident. 

One student reported that this was the first time he took ISTEP without feeling nervous. Another bragged that he had complete all of the math questions. When asked why that was significant he responded, “Because last year I didn’t answer any of them.”  Another student who had achieved PASS+ status in math and social studies last year spoke with confidence that he would do the same in language arts this year.  These are just a few of the stories and conversations overheard that seem to illustrate the impact of the Hanover Central Middle School ISTEP Push initiative. 

As we know, the true measure of success will be in the final outcome which will be impacted by the second round of online testing which begins on April 29. Mr. Hiatt has set a lofty goal for the students with a little incentive. After many years of fluctuating around 80% pass rates in math and also in language arts, he has promised to have his head shaved at a school assembly at the end of the year if 85% pass rates in both areas are achieved. 

Please continue to help us emphasize the importance of the ISTEP test with our students by challenging and encouraging them to do their very best. As we frequently remind the students, we make educational program decisions based in part on their ISTEP results and for us to do our very best making these decision on their behalf; we need them to do their very best on ISTEP.  Parents can certainly also help by making sure their children have good attendance, are well rested and eat a healthy breakfast on test days. 

Working together we can make a difference. 





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