Being A Bully Is A Choice

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"The Bull" is actually Hanover Central Middle School teacher Dan Grunewald who met briefly with Kim Harvey of Angels & Doves, Inc. and Mrs. Dillon before donning his "Bull" head to assist in an anti-bullying presentation at the school. 

Angels & Doves, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by Kim Harvey and her mom, Joyce.  Their goal is to help prevent bullying, bullying injuries and suicides that result from bullying, a mission that tackles a problem that affects a million students nationwide.  Shortly after school started this year, Kim Harvey will have reached out to over 14,000 students.    

On Friday, September 25th Kim Harvey brought her passion to the students of Hanover, including those at Hanover Central Middle School.  “It’s awesome to bring this message into schools,” said Ms. Harvey.  “I’m confident that we can go out and fight the battle and really make a difference.”   

Ms. Harvey introduced HCMS students to the definition of bullying.  “It’s an intentional act of aggression that happens over and over and over again.”  She explained how bullying differs from teasing, noting that teasing; “isn’t nice, it isn’t right, but it’s not bullying.”  She described how bullying continues for some students year after year and identified four kinds of bullying; physical, verbal, emotional and cyber.   Ms. Harvey continued her presentation explaining where bullying most often takes place, its impact on victims and most importantly, telling students that “Being a bully is a choice you make.” 

With the help of “The Bull” a.k.a. HCMS teacher Dan Grunewald, students were shown exactly what constitutes bullying and given direction on what to do if they witness or are a victim of repeated bullying.  Portions of the presentation were devoted to the delivery methods of cyber bullying.  Asking the students en masse about Facebook and their cell phones, she was able to clarify how quickly and easily bullying can occur.  With a series of “Did you know questions,” about when photos of others may be taken and who can or cannot have a Facebook account, Harvey’s answers clearly surprised more than a student or two. 

Students participated in the presentation by joining Kim Harvey in the middle of the gym to answer questions about the definition of bullying, the four types of bullying and other information presented during the program. 

The presentation ended with a description of one resource, ‘The Bull Program’ that is available through Angels & Doves and offers students a pro-active role in preventing bullying by making them walking ‘safe zones,’ where those who are being  bullied can go for help.  Students left the presentation with a questionnaire to be filled out asking about specifics regarding their own bullying experience.  The questionnaires were developed by Harvey to help measure and evaluate what students take away from the program. 

“Would you rather be the bully, the bullied, or “The Bull,” as volunteers in The Bull Program are called?  For students, it’s a choice and through programs like Angels & Doves HCMS students are given resources to help them make the right choice.  

 Getting To Know Principal Hiatt

th  Tony Hiatt is a native of Versailles, Indiana who currently resides in Kentland with his wife Sharon Riegle Hiatt.  He has four children and five grandchildren.  Mr. Hiatt brings impressive education and experience credentials to Hanover Central Middle School.  He is a graduate of South Ripley High School, Purdue University, and Indiana Wesleyan.  He has also earned additional credits from San Jose State, University of San Diego, University of Southern Colorado and Valparaiso University.  Mr. Hiatt taught for 31 years in the South Newton school district.

 “I really loved the classroom and teaching and I was drug kicking and screaming into administration,” Hiatt says.  He credits ‘Project Lead The Way’ (PLTW) with helping direct him toward administration.  PLTW is the leading provider of rigorous and innovative STEM education programs in middle and high schools across the country.  “I knew I wanted to find a way to impact more students than I had in the classroom,” said Hiatt.

Moving from the small South Newton school district, where he was Assistant Principal, to take over the reins of the brand new Hanover Central Middle School in 2012 was an exciting challenge.  “I have been blessed with a great staff,” says Hiatt.  “When I came here as a newbie, there was support all around me.”

 His message to students stresses respect as a key element in improving any school’s success.  Students should; “Respect themselves first and foremost, respect their fellow students, respect adults and teachers and respect the taxpayers who have made educational opportunities available to them.”    

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    Book Fair - all week

    The 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams continued their winning ways with victories over Hebron last night.

    Today, Tuesday, October 6
    5:30 Football at Union Township
    5:30 6th grade Volleyball at Rensselaer

    Wednesday, October 7
    5:00 7th and 8th grade Volleyball GSSC First Round tournament at Lake Station

    Thursday, October 8
    5:00 6th grade Volleyball at Boone Grove
    5:00 7th and 8th grade Volleyball vs South Newton at Home

    Saturday, October 10
    10:00 6th grade Volleyball GSSC Tournament at River Forest
    10:00 7th grade Volleyball GSSC Semis and Finals at Lake Ridge
    10:00 8th grade Volleyball GSSC Semis and Finals at Hanover Central Middle School

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    Any 3rd through 8th grader interested in playing tennis can join Coach Trista Mantel and the Boys Tennis Team for a fun, week long camp, that will focus on teaching the basics of the game including, how to keep score, proper hitting form and other tennis rules.  The camp will take place daily October 12th through 16th from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. at the Hanover Central High School tennis courts.  The cost is $30 and students will need to provide their own tennis racket.  Checks should be made payable to Hanover Central Athletics. To sign up contact Athletic Director Kevin Bachinski (kbachinski@hanover.k12.in.us) or Coach Mantel (tmantel@hanover.k12.in.us)

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