Commencement - June 3, 2016


The Hanover Central Middle School 8th Grade Commencement Ceremony included many touching moments and memories.  Clara Gosdey, Isabel Sitkowki, Carino Bolanos, Jessica Walters, Phoenix Schrieber, and Katrina True sang the National Anthem, while Student Council President Blake Booker and Builders Club President Cole Cameron led the Pledge of Allegiance to open the ceremony.

National Junior Honor Society President, Brianna Nirtaut offered a welcome address to those gathered, before turning the podium over to three students who offered individual messages about the past, present and future.  Ben Styka read a selection written by; Luke Maurer while Jessica Wiersema spoke about the present and Lily Bachar addressed the future.  Mrs. Bethany Hernandez, a former teacher at HCMS and current Clerk/Treasurer of St. John offered the Commencement Address.

The 8th grade choir sang, ‘I’ll Remember You,” and Assistant Principal Denise Cordrey presented Jessica Bellinger a special Diploma for her late son, Jeffrey Bellinger. 

Guidance Counselor Robin Dillon called each graduate to the stage to receive their diploma, before  Principal Tony Hiatt added  closing remarks and a final “Words of Wisdom,” message…reminding students, one last time, “the choices you make today will shape your world tomorrow.” 


Taylor  Aliaga, Colyn Allen, Dominick Amadio, Natalie Austgen, Andrea Avila, Lily Bachar, Mia Baker, Ashtyn Barnett, Angelina Basile, Marisol Bautista, Nathan Bielak, Biron Shaelin, Jordan Boer, Owen Bogathy, Carina Bolanos, Brenden Bonner, Blake, Booker, Aaron Bosstel, Lonye Bowman, Angela Brazzale, Ryan Breedlove, Jordan Brown, Abigail Burns, Angelina Burroughs, Cole Cameron, Taylor Carnes, Brooke Centanni, Tyler Chambers, Megan Clark, Connor Cloyd, Shelby Cronenwett, Dominic DeBartolo, Kayla Denklau, Grant Dickerson, Mikalyla Dobe, Dawson Drinnan, Brett Driscoll,  Lukas Dronet, Colton Drousias, Kayla Duffy, Frank Dupey, Alex Finck, Zach Fleming, Rachel Fleszewski, Jackson Foreman, Logan Frederick, Zachary Garcia, Leo Gliwa, Clara Godsey, Kenyon Gondek, Grace Goodlander, Jack Gosciejew, Hailey Grcich, Richard Greene, Charles Grill, Bianka Guiterrez, Olivia Gutierrez, Grace Hammons, Grace  Hanlon, Katlyn Harrell, Audrey Harris, Eric Hasse, Mackenzie Hatke, Austing Hegyi, Tyler Heintz, Sara Heiser, Xander Hernandez, Samuel Hinojosa, Shawn Hollis, Steven Hoover, Alexander Horon, Gavin Hurst, Noah Ismail, Brandon Iverson, James Kane, Alora Kelly, Timothy Kolanowski, Lauren Koontz, Elise Kratkoczki, Paige Kubiak, Faith Kuhns, Jackson Kuiper, Joshua Lacy, Tiffany Lange, Gavin Larsen, Skyler Lea, David Lollis, Erika Lopez, Dominic Lucido, Kyle MacFeely, Jacob Maniel, Robert Marciano, Abigail Martin, Luke Maurer, Brooke McCune, Marissa Metcalfe, Zachary Miller, Nikolas Mondello, Allison Mueller, Sadie Naughton, Brianna Nirtaut, Reagan Noel, Natalie Novorita, Nicole Novorita, Ashley Owen, Reilly Parker, Cecelia Phillips, Kaitlin Pluskis, Kole Popko, Brandon Potter, Angelica Powers, Sebastian Priego, Madison Radowski, Logan Rex, Ariana Rivera, Alexander Rodriguez Elliott Rossiano, Kyle Rucinski, Alyssia Ruiz, Phoebe Ruiz, Rachael Rutherford, Braden Ryan, Cameron Sawaska, Logan Sawaska, Lauren Schmal, Timothy Schmitt, Amanda Schreiber, Phoenix Schreiber, Jacob Schuldes, Priscilla Seniw, Danny Siems, Michael Simon, Julia Siska, Isabel Sitkowski, Abby Smith, Willow Somers, Camryn  Sterkowitz, Matthew Stewart, Riley Strobbe, Ben Styka, Nicholas Taborski, Phoebe Tomac, Taylor Towry, Katrina True, Aiden Varner, Abel Verbeek, Jessica Walters,  Breanna Wawrzycki, Logan White, Jessica Wiersema, Johnny Willems, Zachary Willson, Sydnie Wilson, Simone Wydra, Nicholas Zajac, and Jakob Zinmer.

 Getting To Know Principal Hiatt

 Tony Hiatt is a native of Versailles, Indiana who currently resides in Kentland with his wife Sharon Riegle Hiatt.  He has four children and five grandchildren.  Mr. Hiatt brings impressive education and experience credentials to Hanover Central Middle School.  He is a graduate of South Ripley High School, Purdue University, and Indiana Wesleyan.  He has also earned additional credits from San Jose State, University of San Diego, University of Southern Colorado and Valparaiso University.  Mr. Hiatt taught for 31 years in the South Newton school district.

 “I really loved the classroom and teaching and I was drug kicking and screaming into administration,” Hiatt says.  He credits ‘Project Lead The Way’ (PLTW) with helping direct him toward administration.  PLTW is the leading provider of rigorous and innovative STEM education programs in middle and high schools across the country.  “I knew I wanted to find a way to impact more students than I had in the classroom,” said Hiatt.

Moving from the small South Newton school district, where he was Assistant Principal, to take over the reins of the brand new Hanover Central Middle School in 2012 was an exciting challenge.  “I have been blessed with a great staff,” says Hiatt.  “When I came here as a newbie, there was support all around me.”

 His message to students stresses respect as a key element in improving any school’s success.  Students should; “Respect themselves first and foremost, respect their fellow students, respect adults and teachers and respect the taxpayers who have made educational opportunities available to them.”    

   ~ Mission Statement ~
 Hanover Central Middle School Provides Opportunities to
Grow Intellectually, Physically, Socially and Emotionally



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