New Student Enrollment Information

We’d like to welcome our new Hanover family members and tell you that we’re glad you’re here! To help facilitate a smooth enrollment for you and your student(s) please refer to the registration requirements below.  PLEASE NOTE:  THIS INFORMATION ONLY APPLIES TO STUDENTS WHO ARE NEW TO THE DISTRICT. Returning students will need to register online August 1 through 5.  You will receive full instructions via our annual summer newsletter in the mail, as well as here on our website.  We look forward to a great 2016-2017 school year and a smooth enrollment process.


1.  Please complete the online, new student registration packet through InfoSnap using the following link, http://www.hanover.k12.in.us/newstudent.   You may click directly on the link or cut and paste the web address into your browser.  Please complete this packet prior to attending new student registration at the applicable school(s).  You can find the dates for new student registration to the right under the “Announcements” section. 

2.  Proof of Residency:  Contact Holly Jones at 374-3506, prior to August 2, 2016 for an appointment.  Enrollees must legally reside within the Hanover Community School boundaries.  Proof of Residency documents must include the name of the parent or legal guardian and their current address within the Hanover school district. These documents are to be presented the day of your residency appointment.  Acceptable documents include:

*A valid Indiana driver's license with current address or state issued i.d. AND
*Mortgage papers, payment book, or current lease agreement AND
* Two of the following:  NIPSCO, water, telephone, or insurance bill, paystub (with address), or bank statement

3. Child’s legal (not hospital) birth certificate

4. Immunization records of the prospective student

5. In the case of a divorce or separation, a copy of the most recent custody documents

6. If families are in the process of moving into the school district, a letter from the real estate agent or builder is required showing the upcoming date of residency.

On or before the first day of school, parents should provide written proof that their child is up to date on all of his/her immunizations.  Medical forms are available by contacting our individual school nurses, or on the Corporation homepage at, www.hanover.k12.in.us under the heading “Forms.”

Textbook rental fees can be paid the day of new student registration.  Payment  can be made my cash or personal check.




Just prior to coming to Hanover Central High School as Assistant Principal in 2013, Mary Ann West served as the Assistant Principal at Christ The King Preparatory School on the west side of Chicago.  In 2014 Ms. West began serving as Principal of HCHS.  She is a graduate of Crete-Monee High School, earned a B.A. in History from Northern Illinois University as well as Master’s degrees in Education and Education Administration from Governor’s State University.  Ms. West is certified in both Indiana and Illinois and has served as a Teacher, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal and Middle School Principal.  Her experience includes serving the Archdiocese of Chicago, Harvey School District 152, Crete-Monee School District 201-U, Lansing, Matteson and the Cristo Rey Network in Chicago. 

As the parent of a college age daughter, Principal West is well aware of the challenges faced by students today that didn’t even exist a generation ago.  “The influence of social media takes the innocence of childhood away too soon.  Kids are bombarded by so many issues and topics they shouldn’t have to deal with or be exposed to.  It makes it very challenging at times for them to even concentrate in school,” she said. 

Ms. West believes bringing structure to the school is her greatest accomplishment.  “I’m clear about expectations for students.  I look at each student as an individual.  I’ve always been consistent in issuing discipline.  Whether it’s the homecoming queen or the class clown, students know the same consequence is given.  I let them find their way, within parameters, and in a secure environment I build relationships.  

The most important message a child can hear from an educator says West; “We are concerned bout their total well being and success, not just academically.  Everything that goes into making them who they are we care about.” 

 Hanover Community School Corporation Mission, Vision, and Beliefs 

Making a difference…realizing potential


 Hanover Community School Corporation realizes the individuality of each student and is committed to providing a safe and positive atmosphere for learning. The collaboration of dedicated staff and the community allows Hanover Community School Corporation to create a literacy-rich environment and facilitate high quality instruction for all students. A challenging curriculum, well-equipped facilities and relevant technology optimize achievement, empowering all students to realize their potential for success in a global society.


1.       Every student has the capacity to learn and grow academically with involvement and support from the school system, the community, and parents/guardians. 

2.       Students are best served by creating multiple pathways leading to a successful transition to postsecondary education or employment opportunities. 

3.       Consistent parent/teacher communication and involvement creates a collaborative relationship that supports the child’s social and academic growth. 

4.       Teaching should have clear goals focused on learning. 

5.      Learning is enhanced by the development of life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and peer collaboration. 

6.       A strong school staff is reflective and honest, holding each other accountable and supporting one another. 

7.       Staff members, as valuable contributors to the school community, must model ethical behavior, exhibit a strong work ethic, and perform at high levels. 

8.       The community is a core component of a successful school system and respects the dignity, worth, and opinions of every individual in the community. 

9.       Financial expenditures are aligned with the goals of this district. 

10.   Fiscal responsibility is essential to meet and sustain the educational needs of students. 

11.   Students and staff benefit from a safe, orderly and well-maintained learning environment. 

12.   Future facility needs are based on the corporation’s long-range plan. 

13.   Appropriate integration of technology into the curriculum is essential in preparing students to be competitive in a global society. 

14.   Extra-curricular activities are important in providing opportunities for social growth and personal achievement beyond the classroom.  


If you need assistance in other areas,below are some names of staff members that are here and ready to help you:


Principal: Ms. Mary Ann West, mwest@hanover.k12.in.us

Principal's Secretary/Main Office Manager: Pam Gentz - pgentz@hanover.k12.in.us
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director: Kevin Bachinski - kbachinski@hanover.k12.in.us 

Dean of Students: Lori Bathurst - lbathurst@hanover.k12.in.us

School Resource Officer: Lane Linder - llinder@hanover.k12.in.us

Bookkeeper: Diane Kickert - dkickert@hanover.k12.in.us 

Guidance Counselor: Miss Monica Kazda - mkazda@hanover.k12.in.us

Health Services Coordinator: Stephanie Owen - sowen@hanover.k12.in.us 
Attendance Clerk: Mrs. Lynn Almaguer - lalmaguer@hanover.k12.in.us 

Guidance Assistant:  Mrs. Diana Furman - dfurman@hanover.k12.in.us





    August 1-5 – Returning Students

    Grades K-12 – Online Registration

    August 1-3 New to District Only

    Hanover Central Middle School

    Hanover Central High School

    8:00 – 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.


    Forms and computers will be available for all students (all 4 schools)  returning to the Hanover Community School District at the Middle School 1:00-3:00 p.m. and 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Hanover Central Middle School


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    Wahlberg Graduation Photos

    To order copies of the individual photos taken of your graduate(s),please visit the following link:


    and click on "View Proofs" at the bottom of the page.  Click on Hanover 2016 Graduation.   Click continue to view more than 350 photos from the event and place your order.



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  • srp

    Summer Reading Program



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  • Course Book Information

    The current Course Book has been posted to this website.  Please select the "Students" tab above.  

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  • Be sure to follow and like our new page on FACEBOOK at Hanover Central High School. 

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  • Athletics Calendar

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  • Reminder Regarding Dress Code

    Leggings As a reminder to all Parents and Students. It was required in the beginning of the school year to read and sign the Student Handbook. This is the section from the Student Handbook about tight-fitting pants, shorts, and shirts.

    Student Handbook Dress Code Reference

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  • Transcript Requests 

    If you are unable to use the Docufide transcript delivery system (on the guidance website) and would like to request a paper transcript. Please make your requests in person during office hours or to Diana Furman at dfurman@hanover.k12.in.us or 374-3800 x3822.  Please allow 24 hours  for your transcript to be ready. 

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  • Work Permit 
    We can issue them during office hours.  Please bring your "Intent to Employ" form (found at www.in.gov/dol/2400.htm) and report card. 
    There are many learning opportunities at Hanover Central, including Advanced Placement (the success of whose students is showcased above), dual credit, and career pathway courses.  We also have courses that prepare students for many of the professions and industries that are available to young people in Northwest Indiana.

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