“If They Are Talking About It, I’m Listening”
Art at Hanover Central Middle School

It isn't often we get to step back and take a look at an incredible teacher, her class and her talented students, but this summer we are taking the time to do just that and it proves just how exciting the Hanover school family really is.

 "To do the Indiana barn watercolors, we all drew the same barn but we talked about how setting, time period, time of day, season, and 'feeling' or emotive qualities of paint and content could bring an individual edge to the work.  I showed them examples of students' projects from last year and eighth grade knocked it out of the park this year with this project," said Mrs. Ricci.   Shown above is the barn painted by 8th grader, Simone Wydra.  
Our community of teachers, parents, local businesses and community partners ensured the continuation of our arts programs with the passage of the school referendum and our teachers and students have not disappointed us.  In fact, our Elementary students  ‘Circled the State’ with song in March, our choirs and bands provided ‘gold’ level performances at ISSMA, our Hanover Central High School thespians delighted us over and over again, our HCHS art students participated and earned multiple accolades at public art shows around the region and the entire Hanover community enjoyed its first ever outdoor band concert, and more.

What is often lost in the midst of outstanding performances is the work, compassion, curriculum, understanding and enthusiasm inside the classroom that lays the groundwork for these amazing accomplishments. 


Masks done by 8th graders, top to bottom (l to r) Andrea Avila- Feather Feline, Alora Kelly- Queen Fish, Angela Brazzale- The Deep Blue Sea, Ryan Breedlove- Blue, Shae Biron- Fiasco Fish, Phoebe Ruiz- Kool Koala, Lauren Schmal- Horse, Bianka Guiterrez- Pink Leopard, Ashtyn Bartnett- Ombre Fish, Megan Clark - Pretty in Pink fish, Skyler Lea- Queen of Hearts Fish, Micheal Simon- Nemo, Paige Kubiak- Ying Yang Bear, Priscilla Seniw- Fun Feathers bird, Jackson Foreman- Nemo, Marisol Bautista- Mardi Gras Fish, Brooke McCune- Nemo

Hanover Central Middle School art teacher, Maggie Ricci, a Hanover native, devotes countless hours and unheralded enthusiasm for her students and the subject (art) she teaches.  “Even though it sounds cheesy, it’s the students who inspire me!  Every day they inspire me with their curiosity and optimism. They work really hard and pitch in. They help each other, too, which really gets to me.  We have some amazing kids at this school. I know they laugh when I say it, but I like every single one of them. I might not like everything they do, 100% of the time, but that's to be expected.  At the middle school level, it feels like the end of the world when they don't get to sit next to their friend at lunch, or can't get a pair of new shoes, or aren’t asked to a party, or picked to be on a baseball team.  They live for the "now." That's why when students don't willfully appreciate time to have art, I don't take it personally.  They are still trying to find their way… I just remind myself that they are 13, and tomorrow we can forget and move forward. They are each very important and have something special to offer to the world,” said Mrs. Ricci.   

Work done by 6th grade artists and displayed on a large orange banner  include:  a monochromatic Picasso painting (green), Mountainscapes (value), and prints (Candy box printmaking) 

Art classes are about learning subject matter that may initially seem to have little relevance to the ‘real world,’ which students ultimately join, but Mrs. Ricci knows that simply isn’t true.  “In the fine arts curriculum there are Indiana standards which include Indiana/local history and connections; empathy and special interests, and art history including styles and art movements. We talk about key artists in each grade.  Sometimes it varies from quarter to quarter depending on how much time we have to talk about an artist or include another project,” she points out.   Additionally, art classes provide life skills that go far beyond a paint brush or quick dry clay and Mrs. Ricci is clear on the impact of the lessons learned in her classroom;   “In the art room there are no wrong answers and risks are encouraged.  New associations are made, new friends even.  Students learn to see each other in a different light because at the end of the day, we all need each others' talents and gifts.  Every day is different and can have a unique set of challenges.  Art itself can have so many setbacks and heartbreaks, it's the students who keep coming back for more, who problem solve on a dime to salvage or change a project entirely with three days to go, who collaborate and ask "How do we?", and come in on their personal time before and after school to research and work. Those students will be the next creative driving force in the workplace.  I wholeheartedly believe that art can improve peoples' lives.”

The 2015-2016 school year ended with a culmination of art projects that inherently illustrated the lessons taught and learned by Mrs. Ricci’s students.  While the annual art show had no particular theme, each grade level displayed specific kinds of artwork.   “I'm not keen on themes for middle school, just because the student’s input and personal interests are inspiring.  When a student asks, when do we get to do this? Or what is this and can we do it?  I try to think of a way in which we can take an idea or method and their interests (sports, food, movies, etc.) into account.  Students really thrive on individualism in the middle school years. If they are talking about it, I'm listening,” said Mrs. Ricci. 


“The Imaginary Animal sculptures were my absolute favorite project of the year. We used 100% recycled/ reused materials. Empty containers from cardboard and plastics, wire, duck tape, foam.  We used hammers, plyers, and gloves and goggles, of course!  A few paper mache layers later, primer, acrylic, and some crafty bits and students made some AMAZING sculptures from literally nothing. For them to see their projects from initial sketches come to life was really fun for everyone,” said Mrs. Ricci.  Shown are:  Blake Booker- Man Bear, Katy Pluskis- Panda Bird, Brianne Wyrzetcki- Winged Animal, Sydney Wilson- Cat Fish, Eric Hasse- Birdsaur, Nick Taborski- Meg, Logan Rex- Foxy and Corina Bolanos- OctoStarfish.

With just a few days of school remaining, the HCMS art show displayed projects by 8th graders including masks, barns, and imaginary animal sculptures.  7th graders created superhero/villain masks and watercolor "Crown Point" houses.  Contributions by 6th graders included:  "candy box printmaking," "mountainscapes," and a monochromatic, Picasso-inspired painting of a guitar. Mrs. Ricci understands what students need to succeed in her class and works tirelessly to provide them with what they need.  “They might be disinterested, fearful, or intimidated at first about having to take an art class, but when they see it through, they realize there are endless possibilities.  Art really is what you make it. And these kids make it beautiful… I mean, look at their talent!”  


Just one more example of talent developed and nurtured by Mrs. Ricci is this "Owl Bird," by Angelica Powers
“I feel really blessed to be in the same district that I grew up in and feel a tremendous amount of pride for the students that will be making a difference in the future out there in the world with their gifts, be they art related or not,” said Mrs. Ricci.  Hanover Central Middle School students are equally blessed to have Maggie Ricci as their teacher. 
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