"Is This The Best We Can Do For Our Kids?"  


“Our customers are our kids, family and community and we want to do what’s best for them, not what’s most comfortable for us,” says Curriculum Director Mary Tracy-MacAulay. 

As Curriculum Director, Mary Tracy-MacAulay looks at the programming for the entire district, k-12, and aligns all of the arrows so that instructional practice is fluid.  The educational journey of Hanover students is constant and aligned to Indiana academic standards.  “Basically we have to ask the question:  Is this the best we can do for our kids?  We have to constantly re-assess programs, constantly re-assess delivery of instruction and ask ourselves, how can we make it better.”  As Curriculum Director, Mary Tracy-MacAulay sees herself as an umbrella, offering support to the administrators and teachers within the Hanover system.  “Our teachers are the ones that directly impact our kids, and I have tremendous respect for them,” she said. 

An aligned curriculum determines what each student needs to master at each grade level in order to be successful.  “If you don’t have an aligned curriculum from k-12, where you have identified what our kids need in each successive grade, they’re going to have splintered skills and gaps in learning.  Invariably, they’ll enter a grade level and not have the foundation to be successful,” explains Mrs. MacAulay.  An aligned curriculum ensures that skills mastered in first grade provide students what they need to be successful in second grade, and the alignment continues year after year.  “By understanding what a fifth grader needs to know when they transition to sixth grade, and what eighth graders need to know to transition to high school, helps teachers realize that they are responsible to their peers, and we are all responsible for one common goal,  providing the best education possible for Hanover kids.”

Hanover schools are in the first year of developing cohesive curriculum maps.  Not only are teachers and Mrs. MacAulay developing accurate maps of what each student needs to master, but they are developing short assessments that measure the success of their efforts in meeting those goals.  “The bottom line,” says Mrs. MacAulay, is simple; “What do we want them to know, how do we know they got it, and what are we going to do if they didn’t get it?”  The maps and formative assessments are designed by the teachers and ultimately teachers will determine how well the maps are working by the performance of their students through the short assessments and ISTEP testing.  As Curriculum Director, Mrs. MacAulay will assist the teachers in determining what needs to change on the maps at regular intervals. 

“The magic teachers work in the classroom is what makes teaching a creative art,” says Mrs. MacAulay.  “How teachers deliver instruction in the classroom may be very different  in each classroom, and that creativity is encouraged, but with curriculum mapping the expectations are the same at each grade level, and that is at the heart of the 'science' of teaching,”  she says, citing Robert J. Marzano, PhD, a leading researcher in education and author of more than 30 books and 150 articles about the art and science of teaching. 

In addition to the major task of creating an aligned curriculum throughout Hanover schools, Mrs. MacAulay is also responsible for textbook adoption, developing a district leadership team to determine best homework and grading practices, and much more. 

Mary Tracy-MacAulay brings a wealth of experience and education to Hanover Schools.  She is a graduate of Valparaiso University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education, a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Purdue Calumet and anticipates completing her PhD at Indiana State University, Terre Haute in 2016.  Mrs. MacAulay holds a State of Indiana; Ed.S; Superintendent’s license and multiple education and administrative certifications.  She has served as an Assistant Superintendent, Adjunct Professor, Principal, Special Education Teacher and Elementary Teacher within NWI.  She has been awarded many honors throughout her career including most recently being nominated for the National Title 1 Distinguished Schools Recognition Program for exceptional student performance. 

When not devoting countless hours to Hanover kids, Mary Tracy-MacAulay loves to spend time with her husband of two years, Bill who is a bus driver for the V-Line in Valparaiso and substitute bus driver for Valparaiso schools. Their blended family of three grown children includes two girls and one boy.  They are expecting their first grandchild shortly, a prospect that clearly delights Mrs. MacAulay.  Her hobbies include reading, cooking, gardening and journaling.  

Mary Tracy-MacAulay has a message for parents.  “Be wholly present with your children.  Ask them about their friends and the classroom and let them know you are there and interested in them.  Ask them what they learned in school today.  They will almost always say...nothing,” she says with her trademark chuckle.  “Don’t accept that, make them tell you at least one thing they’ve learned.  Sometimes, it’s like pulling teeth, but its worth the effort.”  

Hanover Community School Corporation is proud of the work being done by Mrs. MacAulay and Hanover teachers and it is clearly a labor of love for her.  “My favorite days are those spent with teachers at each grade level as we prepare curriculum maps.  The teachers raise good questions, the conversation is fun, and it’s an opportunity for grade level colleagues to exchange ideas, and for me personally it’s intellectually challenging.”


Mission Statement:
 At Hanover Community School Corporation, we are:  Making a difference…realizing potential.


Vision Statement:


The Hanover Community School Corporation realizes the individuality of each student and is committed to providing a safe and positive atmosphere for learning. The collaboration of dedicated staff and the community allows Hanover Community School Corporation to create a literacy-rich environment and facilitate high quality instruction for all students. A challenging curriculum, well-equipped facilities and relevant technology optimize achievement, empowering all students to realize their potential for success in a global society.

Board approved April 17, 2012



  • Please be advised that the Board of School Trustees of the Hanover Community School Corporation will meet in an Executive Session, closed to the public, on Thursday October 8, 2015, at 6:30 P.M. in the Hanover Administration Building Board Room, 9520 W. 133rd Ave., Cedar Lake, IN.

    Please see the attached agenda.

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    Check out the full schedule of events on the Hanover Central High School homepage.


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  • Fall Tennis Camp


    Any 3rd through 8th grader interested in playing tennis can join Coach Trista Mantel and the Boys Tennis Team for a fun, week long camp, that will focus on teaching the basics of the game including, how to keep score, proper hitting form and other tennis rules.  The camp will take place daily October 12th through 16th from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. at the Hanover Central High School tennis courts.  The cost is $30 and students will need to provide their own tennis racket.  Checks should be made payable to Hanover Central Athletics. To sign up contact Athletic Director Kevin Bachinski (kbachinski@hanover.k12.in.us) or Coach Mantel (tmantel@hanover.k12.in.us)

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  • HHH


    The annual HAUNTED HALLS OF HANOVER, sponsored by the Hanover Central Athletic Boosters will be held on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 16th, 17th, 23th and 24th in the Hanover Central High School Fieldhouse.  The Haunted Halls will be open from 6:00 until 9:30 and the last ticket will be sold at 9:00 p.m.

    This year the Haunted Halls will feature 14 rooms of horror, and a NEW feature, Laser Tag . and 100’s Hundreds of hours of production and training by countless volunteers under the direction of Haunt Master, Randy Bogathy will bring this year’s HAUNTED HALLS OF HANOVER to life.  As always, there’s something for the whole family.  A ‘Mild Area’ will be offered for children with includes, games, coloring pages, etc. 

    $10.00 offers visitors a chance to experience the Haunted Halls and participate in Laser Tag.  For those wishing to play Laser Tag only, the cost is $7.00.  General questions can be answered by calling (219) 306-2919 and detailed questions regarding this amazing fright fest can be addressed, via email to Randy Bogathy at, HHauntedHalls@aol.com. Visit the Haunted Halls of Hanover on Facebook for a behind the scenes look at this year’s production.

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  • The Board approved 2015-2016 calendar is posted to the Calendar drop down menu above. 


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  • Hanover Community Families:
    Hanover Community Schools are in need of substitute bus drivers and substitute teachers. Both of these positions are needed for both half-days and full-days, Hanover Community School Corporation offers training for those individuals interested in driving a school bus. Those of you interested in becoming a substitute teacher, you will need a current substitute teacher's permit, or can apply for a permit though the Indiana Department of Education. If you or someone you know would be interested in either position, applications are available online at www.hanover.k12.in.us. Then, follow the Human Resource/Employment link to the employment opportunities page, or you can contact the Human Resource Department at 219-374-3507.

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