• Welcome To The Lincoln Elementary Recycling Club


    The Lincoln Recycling Club is a group of third grade students that volunteer to help recycle in our building. 

    Club members come in early on Monday and Thursday mornings to collect recycling bins from each and every teacher’s classrooms.

    Students are exposed to the larger picture of recycling as they empty each bin into a the large recycling outside.  Not only do the students contribute a precious resource to the school, but they also help raise money for the school.  Our recycling program also functions as a fundraiser.   The more paper we collect, the more funds are earned for our school.  The school receives funds for every ton collected.  For example, if our school collects 3 tons, we would collect $15.

    The recycling bin is not just for our Club members and our school, but for neighbors in the community as well. Simply drop your paper into the recycling bin day or night. 

    Thank you for your support!