• Plato Online Credit Recovery Program Requirements

    Hanover Central High School

    PLATO Online Credit Recovery Program Requirements 2014-2015

    Effective November 1, 2014


    1.    Open to Junior and Senior students only.

    2.    Students must take a class in the classroom twice before being eligible for PLATO.

    3.    Students must be passing their current classes to be eligible for PLATO.

    4.    NO Government and Economics allowed in PLATO.  Students who fail Government and/or Economics will be placed back into that class for second semester or will have the option to take it through Indiana Online Academy at their own expense.

    5.    Exceptions to these rules for Seniors ONLY (ex. Failed 1st semester of English 12, student will stay in second semester of English 12 but be removed from an elective to go into PLATO for 1st semester English 12).

    6.    Exceptions to ANY of these rules by Administrator approval only.