• Welcome the School Resource and Safety Department

    Hanover Community School Corporation has made a strong commitment to keeping all of our students’ safe while in school, as well as offering them the tools necessary to stay safe and excel in their chosen fields as they leave our community.  

    At the heart of our efforts is the Hanover Community School Corporation School Safety and Security program.  This program establishes positive methods of communication between students, parents, the community, law enforecment and the school corporation

    In the mid 80’s to early 90’s SRO’s (School Resource Officers) were usually known as School Police Liaison Officers.  Those positions morphed into School Resource Officers and helped debunk the growing theory that schools were becoming a pipeline into the criminal justice system.  Current school safety and security programs and protocols reach far beyond traditional police activities and address issues unique to education.   School Safety programming has become much more than a uniformed police presence inside school buildings.  The model for the Hanover Community School Corporation Safety and Security Department includes a Director of School Safety and Security who has a specific skill set and knowledge of law enforcement and the ability to assimilate into the school culture.  The Director of School Safety and Security deals with a wide variety of school safety issues including; individual facility evaluations, discipline issues, truancy, bullying and ever growing concerns regarding school shootings.  

    The School Safety and Security program will continue to grow and become more valuable with the input and involvement of parents and the community.  If you have any pertinent information you feel is worth sharing that will help us on this mission, please contact us using the below email address.  All contact information will remain confidential and will only be used for the betterment of the Hanover Community School Corporation.