• Hanover Community School Corporation

    Bus Rules and Regulations


    The bus driver has complete jurisdiction over the passengers at all times. 

    - Students must remain seated while the bus is in motion.

    - Throwing objects on the bus is strictly prohibited.

    - All passengers are prohibited from eating and drinking while on the bus.

    - Use of unacceptable language/gestures is prohibited.
    - No objects or body may be placed out of the bus windows.
    - Students shall refrain from excessive noise/distractions of the driver.
    Quiet talking is permitted.

    - Assist in keeping the bus clean at all times.

    - Bus Aisles must remain clear of objects, debris, and students at all times. 
    - Tampering with the bus and/or equipment is strictly prohibited.

    - Be courteous to the driver, and respect other passengers at all times.

    - Refrain from actions that may endanger the health and safety of others.

    - Disruptive behavior may result in the loss of bus privileges.