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    Ms. Christine Santaguida
    Music Teacher: Jane Ball Elementary School
    Phone: (219) 374-3700 ext. 3739
    Room: 180    

    Welcome to our Jane Ball Elementary School music page.  I am a graduate of Vandercook College of Music.  During my free time I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, hanging out in my floral garden and adventures with my family in the great outdoors.    

    On March 7, 2020 I enjoyed dressing up like a penguin and joining several other teachers, students and friends from our community as we plopped into the chilly Cedar Lake to raise money for the Hanover Schools Education Foundation.  Brrr! 

    Here's the story from the Chicago Tribune:  Penguin Plop March 7, 2020Ms. S. Penguin Plop 2020

    In June 2019, I was able to travel to Sweden to celebrate Midsummer.  We helped decorate a maypole then celebrated by dancing around it while singing Swedish folk songs.  How fun!  Then we traveled to a nearby town to watch some traditional Swedish dancers while we enjoyed local food. It was delicious in every way.

    Dancing around the may pole   Maypole   


    Tradition Swedish Dancers  Accordion

    Instruments around the maypole

    During Spring Break 2019, I was honored to travel to Haiti and watch several groups of dancers.  This elderly lady was especially inspirational to me.  She danced with such conviction. This young man wanted to hop in the photo too.

    Haitian Dancers March 2019

    I could not resist the opportunity to join this welcoming ensemble in Haiti. 

    Here's a short video clip:  Haitian instrumentalists

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