• Weighted Grade Policy


    The Hanover Community School Corporation Board of Trustees unanimously voted on June 3, 2014 to adopt a weighted grade policy for all honors, dual credit (Purdue University Northwest), and Advanced Placement courses offered at Hanover Central High School. The NEW GRADE WEIGHTED POLICY began for all students in the Class of 2017 and will be added to each freshman class thereafter.

    Course weighting:

    • Advanced Placement - 1.0 additional point.
    • Purdue University Northwest Dual Credit Courses - 1.0 additional point.
    • Honors Courses- 0.5 additional point.

    No course will receive a weight over 1.0 additional point..

    For Honors Courses Only: A grade of 'C' or better will warrant the grade weight. A grade of 'D' or below will not receive an additional weight. 

    If a student transfers from a weighted course to a non-weighed course, the grade will be calculated according to the student's enrollment at the end of the semester. 

    Transfer students who are enrolled in similar courses at their original school may receive a weighted grade according to the discretion of the guidance counselor and/or principal.