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     My goal is to help students learn how to unlock the meaning of difficult words using different strategies.  Students will be learning Word Parts (roots, prefixes, and suffixes), along with General Academic (words found in written text) and Domain-Specific (specific to content areas) Vocabulary.


    It is required that the Vocabulary Book is in class DAILY and that it goes home for students to review NIGHTLY for at least 5 minutes (see suggestions below).  It is important that students do not simply memorize the definition when learning the words! They should use context clues in the lesson's passage AND the glossary definition to formulate a meaningful definition.



    Students will take a quiz every other week overthe Unit.  The lesson will consist of 10-15 words and will focus on Word Parts.   

    Throughout the week, we use several strategies in class to prepare for the quiz.  It would benefit the students to continue using the following the strategies at home:


    • Quizlet
    • Google and/or Youtube Search the word for videos and to see how the word is used in context 
    • Discuss the words with a family member/peer
    • Complete and Review the Exercises in the Unit