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    One semester grading period


    The Goal of the Physical Education Curriculum

    The overall goal of Physical Education class is to bring awareness to students about the importance of regular physical activity.  Students will participate in a variety of new sports, activities, and exercises. The class is designed to encourage students to become active now and maintain physical activity throughout their life. 



    Each student will be evaluated daily on a 17-point scale:

    1. Dressed in proper clothing attire (5 pts)
    2. Attendance and on time in designated squad (2 pts)
    3. Effort/Participation in class (up to 10 pts). 


    The student’s final grade will be based on the following:

    1. Daily Participation (Daily 17 pt scale)
    2. Possible Written quiz (2 per semester worth 30 points)
    3. Possible Physical Fitness Test at the end of the grading period. (30 points)

    10 push-ups, 10 sits ups and 2 minute run without walking for 6th and 7th grades. 15 push-up, 15 sit-ups and 2 minute run for 8th grade.



    1. A physical education student is expected to be dressed appropriately and ready to participate each day of class. Dress includes:  athletic –laced shoes, socks, shorts, and shirt (P.E. uniform). No jeans or leggings/tights under the uniform! Uniforms can be purchased in the office for $15. 
    2. We will be going outside sometimes (weather permitting) for P.E. so bring extra clothes, including extra socks, shoes, hoodies or jogging/sweat pants and leave them in your locker.
    3. Put your clothes in your locker and LOCK your lock each day before you leave!
    4. Students must be in squad lines w/n 5 minutes of the class start time.
    5. A doctor’s note is required after three consecutive days of non-participation & the student must also have a doctor’s release to be readmitted to continue participation. Notes from home will NOT be accepted as an excuse for no participation
    6. The student will receive a ZERO, and stand in a designated area all class period if they are not dressed for the class activity of the day. 
    7. The teacher in charge will handle classroom discipline:

    Horseplay will not be tolerated! NO BULLYING!!! No swearing! No jewelry! No food/candy/gum! No electronic devices! The school is not responsible for lost/stolen items! Respect the locker rooms and the gym. Respect your peers and teacher… show sportsmanship at all times!

    Student(s) engaging in such acts will be referred to the principal.  Any student who witnesses horseplay or any inappropriate act should communicate with the teacher immediately.

    1. All other school policies as outlined in the student handbook will be enforced.


    The Wildcat Way: Ready, Responsible, Respectful