• Mr. Anderson

    7th Grade Math

    Hanover Middle School

    Phone: 1-219-374-3900 Ext. 3936 

    Email: zanderson@hanover.k12.in.us


    Dear Math Student: 

    I am looking forward to being your Seventh Grade Math teacher for the school year.  We will be learning a lot of different concepts this school year, and my promise to you is that I will help you the entire way this school year.  Some concepts will be challenging, but don’t ever give up, we are in this together!


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Follow all rules of Hanover Central Middle School (see student handbook)
    2. No cell phones or fidget spinners are allowed in class
    3. All assignments are to be done in pencil, work in pen will not be accepted
    4. Bring all materials to class every day
    5. Take Notes
    6. Use work time for math only

    Here is a list of the materials you will need to bring every day to class:

    1. Math books – Volumes 1 and 2
    2. Pencil
    3. Grading pen (red)
    4. Loose leaf paper
    5. Three ring binder- one inch
    6. Five divider tabs (these will be used to separate the three ring binder)
    7. Calculator (this will be used for certain concepts this school year).
    8. Note cards


    Textbook: Pearson Envision 2.0


    Homework Policy: All assignments are due the next day (unless otherwise specified).  Assignments that are one day late will receive 50% value of the points earned. Assignments more than one day late are considered missing and a zero will be put in the grade book until the assignment is turned in. Work must be shown on all assignments to be graded. Assignments without adequate work shown will be considered late. Late assignments are only accepted through the end of the unit.


    Binders: Each student is required to keep a three ring binder.  This binder will help keep you organized. Binders will be graded at the end of each quarter, so students need to keep them organized with everything in their correct sections. Everything will be three-hole punched and in chronological order. When students are absent, they need to pick up and fill out notes from when they were absent.


    Quizzes: There will be a quiz given at the conclusion of each standard.  You will know in advance the date of the quiz.

    Tests: Tests may be given throughout the semester and a final is given at the conclusion of each semester.


    Absent Work: Students will be responsible for picking up and completing notes and homework from days of school they missed.  It will be their responsibility to make up tests and quizzes.  


    Cell Phones:  Cell phones, tablets, and other electronic communications devices are not allowed in the classroom.


    Chromebooks: Chromebooks will occasionally be used in class for educational purposes. Students are only to use Chromebooks for approved activities during appropriate times.