• 2017 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

    This month the Hanover Central High School National Honor Society (NHS) inducted 22 new members who met the rigorous qualifications and exemplify the traits necessary to become a National Honor Society member.  

    Ryan Bourrell

    Ryan Bourrell, President of the National Honor Society welcomes guests and inducties.

    Current Officers of the NHS addressed the inductees and explained how and why service, scholarship, character, and leadership can have an impact on their futures and in the lives of others.

    Picture of speakers and presenters at NHS Induction.  Names below photo

    Adressing inductees and presenting certificates were (l to r):  Principal, Mary Ann West, NHS Secretary, Jared Tomac, NHS President, Ryan Bourrell, NHS Treasurer, Madelyn Pope, Vice President, James DeLange, NHS Sponsor Monica Nelson, Guest Speaker, Steve Gustas

    When talking about service, NHS Secretary Jared Tomac reminded his fellow members; “Human connections are best achieved with positive interaction.  We all have the ability to learn from each other, grow with each other and depend on each other...Mankind is shaped through caring and compassion for others.”

    Madelyn Pope, Treasurer of the NHS explained that scholarship is a part of being a lifelong learner.  “It’s what drives us to fight for our grades….You, as NHS inductees, know scholarship is much, much more than that. We study not only to get that A or achieve that GPA, we work hard because we know it means something more…The more you learn, the more you find out what you do not know.  If you think you know it all, then your learning has stopped.   People, especially NHS students, never stop learning,” said Madelyn.

    Madelyn Pope lighting a candle

    Madelyn Pope lights the blue candle representing Scholorship

    NHS Vice President, James DeLange followed Madelyn to talk to the inductees about character.  “Character is about how you react, respond and follow through in any situation…Character is about the choices you make in everyday life…I challenge you to look at your life.  Can your character be an example to your friends, co-workers and family?   Each day you have to choose how you live and how you treat others.  Let’s all try to be role models that others look up to, respect  and aspire to be in every aspect of life.”

    The NHS Officer messages to inductees closed with comments on leadership from NHS President, Ryan Bourrell.  Ryan noted that many believe leaders are born, but he has been inspired by stereotypical leaders.  “They are the ones who lead, not with natural ability or with bravado, but the ones who quietly lead by example, day in and day out…It takes foresight to see what is ahead that others cannot…A leader must be willing to put aside their own feelings and aspirations for the well being of others around them.”  

    Former NHS Sponsor Steve Gustas was invited to serve as the guest speaker for the ceremony and found it a humbling experience.  “I am deeply touched that you asked me to speak tonight,” said Mr. Gustas.  “As I look out in the auditorium tonight, I want you all to think about where you are going to be in ten years.  Some of you will be married, have a good job, living somewhere warm.  No one really knows what the future holds, but what I’d like all of you to think about is how you want to be remembered.”  Gustas, who has been a member of the Hanover faculty for 18 years, told students; “What I hope everyone remembers is that I worked hard, cared about students, had a good sense of humor and was liked.  If I’ve done that I consider myself a success.” 

    student receiving NHS certificate for Principal West

    Each NHS Inductee received a certificate and a warm welcome during the ceremony.  

    Students were presented with certificates by Principal, Mary Ann West and NHS Sponsor, Monica Nelson before lighting ceremonial candles and taking the National Honor Society pledge. 

    NHS Inductees hold candles and prepare to recite pledge

    National Honor Society Inductees prepare to recite the Honor Society Pledge.

    Students inducted included the following students from the Class of 2018:  Katelyn Anderson, Samantha Graves, Jenna Johanknecht, James Maciejewski, Kevin Paszko and Ryland Ponto.  Class of 2019 Inductees were:  Ariana Arce, Amberlee Carlin, Ellen Connor, Kari DeYoung, Madison Fanta, Natalie Haitsma, Kaylee Huyser, Ashley Lakomek, Taylor Lamparski, Sydney Maciejweski, Ana Momcilovic, Rebecca Oliver, Cathryn Reasor, Kamden Sarkey, Nolan Tucker and Jenna Voticke.



    2017 National Honor Society Inductees