• Meet the Transportation Director

    Beth Rufo

    lady in front of a school bus

    Beth Rufo is the new Director of Transportation for Hanover Central School Corporation.

    Mrs. Rufo resides in Lowell. She was a bus driver for five years and then moved to Michigan for four years. She came to this school district as the Assistant Director of Transportation earlier this year.  

    “I drove a bus for 22 years,” Mrs. Rufo said.

    As director of Transportation her main job is to run the department.

    “We currently have 22 bus drivers with 29 busses,” she said.  “I have to run the department and make sure the students’ needs are met on the bus.”

    If they are short on bus drivers she will step in and drive a bus.  She also does a lot of the ordering of supplies like gas, diesel and also helps with the maintenance of the busses.  Mrs. Rufo has to help set up the routes, which is a never ending job.

    “Basically, I have to make sure things run smoothly all around,” she said.

    Mrs. Rufo is a widow and has four children and five grandchildren.

    “I like the people I work with here at Hanover,” she said.

    She likes to swim, camp and work in the yard growing flowers. She also likes to do crafts and likes to hang out with her family.