• What to study

    - 8 vocabulary words: reference point, position, motion, displacement,

       speed, constant speed, average speed, and velocity.

    - Know what is needed for a complete description of an object's

      position: 1. reference point   2. direction   3. distance

    - Be able to map out directions using graph paper, a compass rose,

       and distances.

    -Study pg.13 in textbook-How to know if an object is in motion.

      Also, look at examples of distance and displacement.

    -Know some units for speed (pg.17)

    -Study distance/time graphs (pgs.20-21) What does constant speed 

     look like on a graph? Also, how can you find the speed between 2 points

     on a distance/time graph?

    -What is the difference between speed and velocity? (pg.23)