• Homework is given daily.  Assignments missed can be viewed in the homework folder upon returning to school.  Missed homework is due the day back in school.  Homework is usually worth 5 points a day.  As per school policy, no late homework will be accepted.  All tests will be announced.  Students are expected to take tests on the day given.  If student is absent on the day of a test, he/she will take the test on the first day back in school.  
    Vocabulary quizzes are given daily.  Word lists are given at the beginning of the week.  Vocabulary quizzes are to be made up before the scheduled chapter tests.  Vocabulary is first given as Spanish to English until all words are covered.  Then the quizzes are English to Spanish.  Spelling and accents marks are counted.  Quizzes are usually worth 10 points.
    Homework assigned can be found on the calender page.  I also have an binder in the classroom for work assigned to the students.  The textbook can be accessed by following the link on the main page if he/she has forgotten the textbook at school. The user name and password to access the ebook can be found on the main page as well.
    The syllabus for each class can be found on the main page.  Please contact me at anytime via phone or email with any questions or concerns you have. 
    Grading scale (per handbook page 21)

    A: 100-90

    B: 89-80

    C: 79-70

    D: 69-60

    59 and below F 

    1st/4th 9 weeks:  40%
    2nd/5th 9 weeks: 40%
    Midterm/Final:  20%