• I encourage the students to use their planners to record their daily assignments. I believe that a planner is an excellent organizational tool that will help them to be organized in middle school. The assignments listed on this website are not a replacement for using the planner. Please reinforce the use of the planner to record daily assignments.
    Please keep a pair of scissors, glue, loose-leaf paper, highlighters, coloring supplies, pencils, and a grading pen at school. Students tend to lose these rather quickly. Please check-in with your children to see what they need. 
    Language Arts

    Hatchet Ch. 16

    Packet - ch. 16

    packet due Tues. 

     vocab squares due Wednesday

    Links to novel under Tuesday and to vocabulary under Thursday 

     Figurative Language packet



    "How to Trick Your Sister"

    Readworks will be assigned each Monday and will be due on Friday.  No late Readworks accepted.

    Students are encouraged to use SRT and Success time to work on these. Readworks can also be accessed at home.

    Readworks codes:

    1st hour: CPTBF4

    2nd hour: Q4KZ7Q

    3rd hour: DHUNFF

    8th hour: G3M5WU




















































     Link to Hatchet Novel Hatchet
    Hatchet packet ch. 13-14
    Hatchet vocabulary comic for Ch. 11-15
    due Wed. 12/4

     Link to Hatchet vocabulary Ch. 11-15

    Hatchet voc. ch. 11-15


     figurative language worksheet 







































































    Hatchet Ch. 15 and packet for  Ch.15

    Gary Paulsen packet






















































































    STAR Testing

    Schoology - Hatchet Ch. 15 questions


     Hatchet quiz Friday

    Ch. 11-15



















































































    Hatchet Quiz 11-15

    Vocabulary Squares for Ch. 16-19 due Wed.

    Link to vocab 16-19

    Hatchet Voc. Ch. 16-19


    Scope password:



























































































    I feel that close communication between home and school is very important.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or if  you would like to come in for a conference.