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Work-based Learning at HCHS

For the past year and a half, Hanover has been working to implement a work-based learning program where students can split their time between work and school. This is another way to prepare students for success after high school. Part of the 2023-2028 strategic plan for Hanover Community School Corporation is to, “Provide students with opportunities to develop and demonstrate employability skills.” Our community partners can benefit from this because our students are credentialed in employability skills, eager to learn, and take immense pride in their work.

Principal of Hanover Central High School, Ms. Tami Kepshire, said, “I'm hoping we can have it in place for the 2024-2025 school year.” If the program were to take off, students would have a supervisor in place that goes to the work site during the student’s work hours to see what and how they are doing in the workplace. The job/internship would align with their future career goals. Students must be on track for graduation, with no grades lower than a C. They can also earn credits for each semester that they participate in the program.

Since there is no program in place yet, a couple of students approached their counselors about doing work in the community this year. The students who are currently participating in this are Zachary Felthouse and Isabelle Kijewski-Roldan. The students were directed by the principal to either find a job in their area of interest or work at their current job. Once they had a secure job, counselors, parents, and Ms. Kepshire met with the students to go over the expectations. A written agreement was signed by their place of employment/internship, the student, parents, and the principal.

Isabelle is currently a junior veterinary assistant at St. John Animal Hospital. Her goal is to get promoted to veterinary assistant before she goes to college. She chose this job because her career goal is to become a veterinarian and maybe even open her own animal hospital. She plans to attend Purdue in the fall in pre-veterinary medicine. 
“I enjoy the experience I am getting through this job. It's preparing me for college. I also enjoy seeing all the animals and helping people with them,” said Isabelle. She enjoys the benefit of being able to leave school early and do something that she thoroughly enjoys while providing her with experience at the same time. 

Zachary works at the Crossroads YMCA in the gymnastics and ninja department as a ninja coach and ninja administrator in training. “I feel that the driving force for me to split my time between work and school was for an after-high school graduation real work experience and get a sooner look into what life will look like after graduation,” said Zachary. He chose this job because he has amazing bosses who see potential in him and place him in positions to take on more responsibility. They allow him to get great work experience and knowledge that will help him in life after high school.

Zachary enjoys all of the learning experiences and real-world knowledge in his place of work, like business and administrative work. He believes that this is an amazing opportunity and would recommend this to a peer. He tries to not let his work and school paths get in the way of each other. He has boundaries set in his mind for when he is at work. Any time outside of work, he focuses on his schoolwork and studies. This allows him to avoid stress to the best of his ability. 

Hanover Community Schools is committed to giving our students the best experience and education possible. Hanover Central High School has been working hard to bring in more opportunities for the students to prepare them for life after high school. Ms. Kepshire said, “I am excited about what's on the horizon for our students.”