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Operations Department

The Hanover Community School Corporation Operations Department includes 22 full time custodial, operations and maintenance personal and an additional three part-time summer employees and substitute employees.  The responsibilities of the Department go far beyond just ‘mowing the grass,’ and the Hanover Community School Corporation is proud of the service of the dedicated staff that keeps our building and grounds in top notch shape. 

In addition to maintaining and providing custodial services to more than half a million square feet of brick and mortar facilities, Operations Department personnel maintain over 150 acres of Corporation owned property.  Included in that property are state of the art sports facilities and practice fields.

Currently Hanover Community School Corporation has:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Track
  • Tennis

facilities at Hanover Central High School and:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Track

facilities at Hanover Central Middle School and an ever changing and growing number of practice fields groomed for service annually.

Both Hanover Elementary Schools have playground and green space maintained by the Operations Department.

The Operations Department includes 12 trucks and tractors and utilizes and maintains thousands of smaller pieces of equipment that ensure every classroom, every hallway and every square inch of Hanover facilities are functioning properly.  From the casters on a teacher’s chair to the heating and air condition systems in each building the Operations Department fulfills over 1400 maintenance ticket requests annually. 

Additionally, the Operations Department oversees and participates in construction projects and facility updates, as well as fulfilling the needs of individual facility requests from in-house and outside entities. 

The Hanover Community School Corporation Operations Department is responsible for the maintenance and daily operations of all four Hanover Community Schools and the Administration Building, as well as the acreage currently owned by the Corporation.  

The scope of the Operations Department responsibilities includes 586,313 square feet of facilities

Director of Operations

Steve Goff has served as the Hanover Community School Corporation Operations Director since 2004.  He is a proud 1981 graduate of Hanover Central High School and served as a United States Marine for 5 years following his graduation from HCHS.  Previous positions include Director of Security for International Harvester in Broadview, IL, followed by time as Operations Manager for a third party warehouse company before returning to his Hanover roots.

Mr. Goff is the single father of three, including a daughter who is a nurse in Merrillville, a son who is a construction manager in Rensselaer, and his oldest child, another son who is a business owner in Grant Park, IL.  He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and his passion includes riding his two motorcycles; a 1970 Harley Davidson Shovelhead and a 2013 Harley Ultra Classic.

Mr. Steve Goff

Phone: 219-374-3521