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Transportation Department

Hanover Community Schools Corporation is dedicated to providing safe and secure transportation for all of our students. Whether it is traveling to sporting events, field trips or special activities, Hanover drivers strive to be efficient.  

Being the 3rd fastest growing school district in the State of Indiana, Hanover Community Schools Corporation is always looking to increase our transportation staff. Currently, we have 29 routes transporting up to 2850 students. All HSCS transportation staff are trained in all aspects of student transportation and safety year round. We provide free training for interested people in CDL Licensing and Bus Monitoring.

The school bus is the safest vehicle on the roadway, but everyone needs to help in order to get the students to their destination safely. Parents and students should familiarize themselves with school bus rules and regulations. When students, and parents, do not follow the rules, they jeopardize the safety of everyone on the bus.

School buses are designed for safety. Yellow was not chosen because it is a happy, warm color. It was chosen because it attracts attention quickly and can be seen easily in your peripheral vision. The bus has flashing red lights, cross-view mirrors, and a stop sign. The bus also has a law that protects students. It is illegal for drivers to pass a stopped school bus while dropping off or picking up students. All HCSC buses are equipped with Stop Arm Cameras that capture video and images of violations. Tickets may be issued to drivers who illegally pass stopped buses.


Ride 360

Click HERE to go to Ride 360!

Welcome to our new Transportation Dept. Parent Portal App, Traversa Ride 360

Please click on the hyper-link above or, go to either Google Play or the Apple App Store and search for Traversa Ride
360. This is a free app.

  • Please download the app to your smart phone or tablet.
  • Once downloaded, you will have to register.
  • Enter the information and create a password.
  • You will be asked to fill out the form.
  • Once completed, you will receive an e-mail telling you that your registration is complete.
  • Log in to the program using your email and password.You will see a message that says, “No Students Linked, Lets get your first student linked.”
  • At this point you will need to know your students school ID number.
  • Next in the upper right corner tap on the person icon.
  • Enter your students ID number and tap Find Student.
    • Five numbers only, no letters. Example 12345, not MB12345 .
    • Then, link your student.
  • Tap inside the box with the student name.You will see the Transportation Dept. bus schedule information for your student. You may share this information with 2 other e-mail addresses but no more than 2.
  • To share this information return the student primary page.
  • Tap on the Share icon. Enter the email address you wish to share with. You may share this information
    with up to 2 people but no more than 2.

Director of Transportation

Beth Rufo is the new Director of Transportation for Hanover Central School Corporation. Mrs. Rufo resides in Lowell. She was a bus driver for five years and then moved to Michigan for four years. She came to this school district as the Assistant Director of Transportation earlier this year.  “I drove a bus for 22 years,” Mrs. Rufo said. As director of transportation, her main job is to run the department. “We currently have 22 bus drivers with 29 buses,” she said.  “I have to run the department and make sure the students’ needs are met on the bus.” If they are short on bus drivers, she will step in and drive a bus.  She also does a lot of the ordering of supplies like gas, diesel and also helps with the maintenance of the buses.  


Mrs. Rufo has to help set up the routes, which is a never-ending job. “Basically, I have to make sure things run smoothly all around,” she said. Mrs. Rufo is a widow and has four children and five grandchildren. “I like the people I work with here at Hanover,” she said. She likes to swim, camp and work in the yard growing flowers. She also likes to do crafts and likes to hang out with her family.

Mrs. Beth Rufo

Phone: 219-374-3838