*Scholarship- To feel accomplished when we achieve certain degrees of knowledge.
    *Leadership- To lead others to a better life.
    *Service- To help those that are in need.
    *Character- To be a role model for our future generations.             
    *Citizenship- To act as a good citizen and help with our community.
    1) Meet the characteristics listed above.
    2) Have a GPA (Grade Point Average) of at least 3.5
    3) Fill out the application and write an essay explaining why you want to join the National Junior Honors Society.

    Officers:                                                                   President =  Steven Zalewski                                
    Vice President = Zoe Gineris
    Secretary = Sarah O'Farril
    Treasurer = Chase Kuzma
    Sponsor = Mrs. Franco
    ***Please check for upcoming meetings on the NJHS calendar.