• Mrs. Stephanie Franco

    7th Grade ELA 

    Hanover Central Middle School

    Email: Sfranco@hanover.k12.in.us

    Phone EXT: 3931

    Room number: 511

     Supply List: 2018-2019 School Year

    Language Arts- Mrs. Franco


    2 dozen pencils

    Pens (red and black or blue)

    1 package of highlighters (3-5 is fine)

    colored pencils or crayons

    3-5 glue sticks (not bottled glue)

    1 2-pocket folder

    1 binder- 1-2 inch is fine

    1-2 packages of loose-leaf paper

    2 composition books (without the metal spiraling)- this is a must!

    index cards (needed for the research paper mid-year)


    5-10 Scrapbook paper sheets (can be individual sheets or you can buy a booklet of paper).

    Scrapbook (will be used for the end of the year project)