• Every Hanover athletic team is the sum of all of those who contribute to its success.  Coaches, student athletes, parents, and volunteers are just some of the many parts of our fall athletic teams.  On November 2nd, athletes were given a moment to shine on stage instead of on the field. 

    Athletic Director, Ben Bachmann welcomed  the athletes, coaches and guests to the event and in his opening remaks noted that 158 student athletes, or nearly 23%  of the total student body participated in fall athletics at Hanover Central High  School.  

    Highlighting the success of the 2017 fall  program, Mr. Bachmann reocgnized the Hanover Girls Volleyball team, which won their first sectional since 1999, and ended the season as Greater South Shore Conference Champions.  It was also an  amazing year for Hanover Cross Country athletes.  Both the boys and girls teams advanced to the IHSAA regional competition and Senior, Kevin Pazsko made his second straight IHSAA State Final appearance in Terre Haute. 

    Among the fall Hanover athletes were 20, 1st team All-Conference athletes, 6-2nd team All Conference athletes and 8, Honorable Mention All Conference honorees.  Perhaps most importantly the overall Athletic Department fall Grade Point Average was 3.42 with Cross Country earning the GPA Award as the top performing program with a GPA of 3.84.

    Each Coach took to the stage with their respective teams and offered season highlights and identified top players.  

     "We were coming off a pretty successful year, a Conference Championship, school records, and exellence in just about every statistical catagory.  We knew we had some holes to fill.  Our kids stepped up and played amazingly.  We set the bar so high for our kids.  We wanted to play in some really big games across  Northwest Indiana and we wanted people to respect our program," said Pete Koulianos, Coach of the Hanover Central Wildcat football team.  "In spite of  a couple of hiccups, we are well on our way to establishing ourselves as a premier program in Northwest Indiana," he added.  Before presenting individual awards, Coach K thanked the athletes, assistant coaches, trainer Amanda Rode, Principal West, Superintendent Taylor, the School Board of Trustees, the families and countless volunteers and staff  members who make Hanover Wildcat football possible.   

     Picture of six football players with trophies

    FOOTBALL:  Most Valuable Player, James DeLange, Most Improved, Brett Driscoll, Mental Attitude, David Kruger, Sportsmanship, Joe Garling and Rookies of the Year, Adam Graham and Sam Momcilovic.

    Coach Matt Bien thanked Ahtletic Director Ben Bachmann.  "A lot of nights I pride myself in being the last person out of the building, but I could not beat Ben.  He was always the last one out," indicated Coach Bien. He also thanked, the woman behind the man, Assistant Athletic Director, Jo Ann Heldt and others who helped out the team.  "Going into this year's season, we really wanted to build on the success we had last year.  We won 25 matches last year, we wanted to do better than that...we wanted to win our conference...and most importantly we wanted to put a number up on the sectional banner."  The girls met all of those goals and put the team "back on the banner for the first time since 1999.  They also finished first in the state in serving aces.  "We're a very entertaining team to watch," said Coach Bien.  The team finished 29 and 6 overall, and went 7 and 0 in the Conference.  The team has won the Conference Championship 4 out of the last 5 years and has a 21 match Confernece winning streak that dates back to August of 2015.       

    Picture of six  girl volleyball players with trophies

    GIRLS VOLLEYBALL:  Most Valuable Player, Sarah Spangler, Most Improved, Julianna Bartoszek, Mental Attitude, Kari DeYoung, Sportsmanship, Brianna Kickert, and Rookies of the Year, Peyton Frost and Katie Jackowski.

    Coach Jim Pattison began by noting that the Girls Soccer team has improved each of the last three years.  They finished the season 9-7-1.  "We had a really good year.  We had a +15 in goals scored, we scored15 more goals than our opponents....We played with every effort...we were moved up this year, and we're one of the smaller schools in our sectionals.  We played in West Lafayette with some really big schools and we did not slouch at all," said Coach Pattison.  Before passing out individual awards, Coach Pattison told those gathered, "I think we are really headed in the right direction."  In closing Coach Pattison thanked the School Board for the state-of-the-art soccer stadium.  "Our stadium is amazing.  It is one of the top soccer facilities in the area....Other schools envy our soccer stadium, and it is a stadium.  It has that feel.  Thank you for that," he said.   

    Picture of 4 girls soccer players with trophies

    GIRLS SOCCER:  Most Valuable Playeer, Christina Shipe, Most Improved, Madi Spejewski, Sportsmanship, Ellen Connor, and Rookie of the Year, Savanah Ferry.  Not available for photo, Mental Attitude, Brianna Nirtaut.

    Coach Steve Foulds brought his small, but extraordinarily talented Cross Country teams to the stage.  The inimitable Coach Foulds donned a red headband to honor Senior, Kevin Pasko.  While his attempt at a joke about his own hair, or lack thereof, didn't elicit the laughter he had hoped, the remainder of his remarks brought down the house on several occasions.  The obvious pride in his small team was apparent when Coach Foulds noted his boys team went 68 and 44 and qualified for regionals.   The girls team was 74 and 29 and second in the Conference.  "We don't have a lot of people, but we have a lot of fun,"  explained Coach Foulds as he described talent shows held by the teams.  In closing Coach Foulds applauded his team for their academic success and bringing the honor of the GPA Award to Cross Country.  "That's what I'm most proud of."

    Picture of 8 cross country Athletes

    CROSS COUNTRY:  (Girls) - Most Valuable Player and Sportsmanship, Angela Gonzalez, Most Improved, Emily Sarna and Rookie of the Year and Mental Attitude, Madeline Karz.  (Boys) - Most Valuable Player, Kevin Paszko, Most Improved, Eric Hasse, Mental Attitude, Jaared Tomas, Sportsmanship, Cole Cameron and Rookie of the Year, Kyle Thibedeau.

    The Boys Soccer program had another competitive season, finishing 11 and 7 and making it to the Sectional finals. "The journey this year has had it's peaks and valleys," said Coach Dan Grunewald.  "We saw a lot of growth as a team, as well as from individual players."  The team finished 3 and 0 against NCC teams, beating Kankakee Valley, Lowell and Highland.  "Over the last two seasons the junior and senior classes have made the team really competitive and I'd like to thank the seniors for their dedication and committment to the team.  You will all be missed...I hope every player learned the importance of dedication, committment, communication and what it means to play with heart."   

    Picture of six boys soccer players with trophies

    BOYS SOCCER:  Most Valuable Player and Offensive Player of the Year, Westin Baker, Most Improved Nick McCarroll, Rookie of the Year Sergio Felix, Pride/Hustle/Desire, Dillon Koontz, Defensive Player of the Year, James Maciejewski, and Team Player Award, Jake Jackowski.

    "We had a tough year this year," said Girls Golf Coach Jerry Kienzle.  "We only had four girls that played this year and they played under a lot of pressure.  They knew that if one of them wasn't there, we couldn't be scored as a team, so they were pressured into every match we playedand I give them a lot of credit for hanging in there for that."  The team finished 4 and 14 overall and 2 and 5 in Conference.  "With only 4 girls, and three of them brand new, I think that was a successful season," said Coach Kienzle.  "We have a lot to look forward to." 


    Picture of 4 girls golf athletes with  trophies

    GIRLS GOLF:  Most Valuable Player and Mental Attitude, Paige Novosel, Most Improved, Izzy Sitlowski, Sportsmanship, Lara Kelly, and Rookie of the Year, Kylie McCallister.

    "We have a talented and hard working squad that is being recognized throughout the community," said Coach Angel Hoover as the Hanover Wildcat Cheerleaders took the stage. One of the hardest working athletic teams at Hanover, the Cheerleaders ended their fall season, took a deep breath and now stepped right into the winter season, performing on the sidelines at all Hanover Central basketball games.  "I'll keep my remarks short, because we will be back this winter after basketball," said Coach Hoover, before presenting individual awards to squad members.  

    Picture of 5 cheerleaders with trophies

    CHEERLEADING:  Most Valuable Player, Julie Rich, Most Improved, Angela Hinojosa, Mental Attitude, Alexis Rapacz, Sportsmanship, Kylie Clay, and Rookie of the Year, Mia Forbes.

    Boys  Tennis Coach Trista Mantel was unable to attend the event, but Assistant Coach Greg Whitacre stepped up to recognize individual players.  He also read words of appreciation and recognition from Coach Mantel.  "Thanks to our School Board for our amazing facilities and all their help maintianing them.  This year, our third season, was full of many changes.  With the loss of 4 seniors from last year and an injury that ended the season early for another, there were many new faces joining the team.  This created some new challenges, be we accepted those challenges and continued to improve...I know there is only room to grow and I look forward to wathcing these young players learn and experience the game even more."   

    Picture of two boys tennis players with trophies

    BOYS TENNIS:  Most Valuable Player, Dakota Pederson and Mental Attitude, Dominik Amadio.  Not available for photo:  Most Improved, Leo Gliwa, Sportsmanship, Jacob Schutman, and Rookie of the Year, Aidan Beilke.

    With the emphasis always on "Student" in the phrase "Student Athletes," Athletic Director Ben Bachmann called those who fulfilled the stringent requirements to become Academic All Conference Award Winners.  To be honored with the designation, students must be seniors, and have met two of the three following goals; GPA of 3.5, an SAT score of at least 1100, or an ACT score of 22 (math/verbal) and rank in the top 25 of their class. 


    Picture of Academic All Conference Athletes with names below

    Recognized as Academic All Conference Honorees were (in alphabetical order by sport):  (Cross Country) Angela Gonzalez, Kevin Paszko and Jared Tomac - (Football) James DeLange and David Krueger - (Golf) Paige Novosel -  (Soccer) Sebastian D'Onorio, Austin Fant, Caitlyn Hildeman, James Maciejewski, Dakota Pederson, Christina Shipe - (Volleyball) Julianna Bartoczek and Sarah Spangler.  


    Brought to the stage as GSSC Athletic All Conference Honorees were: 

    Picture of All Conference Athletes  with names below photos

    (Listed by Sport and ranking):  (Volleyball) - 1st Team, Sarah Spangler, Ashlie Albrecht, and Jenna Voticke. 2nd Team Kari DeYoung, and Honorable Mention, Payton Frost - (Cross Country/Girls) 1st Team, Angela Gonzalez and Madeline Kartz, 2nd Team, Emily Sarna  - (Cross Country/Boys) 1st Team,  Kevin Paszko and Eric Hasse and 2nd Team Cole Cameron - (Boys Soccer) 1st Team, Westin Baker and James Maciejewski, 2nd Team, Kamden Sarkey and Honorable Mention, Jared Graham - (Girls Soccer) 1st Team, Christina Shipe and Alexis Vera,  2nd Team Brianna Nirtaut and Honorable Mention,  Camryn Sterkowitz - (Girls Golf) 1st Team,  Izzy Sitkowski and Kylie McAllister - (Boys Tennis) 1st Team, Dakota Pederson, Aidan Beilke, Dominick Amadio, and Jacob Schulman, 2nd Team, Jackson Foreman,  and Honorable Mention,  Jonathan Knott and Nathan Remaly - (Football) 1st Team, James DeLange, Brandon Demoff and David Krueger, Honorable Mentions  to Brett Driscoll, Joe Garling and Caleb Tsoukalis


    To all of our athletes, coaches, parents, staff and volunteers...Congratulations!