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  • Facility Usage


    The Hanover Community School Corporation encourages community use of school facilities when such use is in the public interest, does not conflict with school activities, and is not detrimental to the purpose of schools.

    The use of school facilities must be submitted online. This will allow those requesting facility usage to submit their requests at any time, from anywhere. Requests will be submitted for Board of School Trustees’ approval at monthly Board meetings, which are usually held the second Tuesday of the month. Therefore, requests need to be submitted in a timely manner (at least two (2) weeks prior to a Board meeting) to be approved.  

    Anyone who would like to request facility usage prior to Board meeting approval will need to attach to the request formal documentation requesting approval for usage. After the Superintendent reviews the request, the requestor will be contacted for approval/disapproval.

    A site supervisor may be assigned to an event. Charges for site supervisors can be found on the Facility Use Fees page, along with custodial fees. 

    Please be advised that if misuse and/or damage to a school facility occurs, we will take appropriate steps to charge accordingly, and may prevent the group from using our facilities in the future.

    Residents, staff members, and community groups can make facility use requests by following the steps below:

     1.  All facility use requests are completed online. The first step needed to make an online facility use request is to create an online user account. You can do so by Step One - Online User Account Setup to the left.  Be sure to complete all information fields and then click the submit button. If your registration was successful, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. We have provided links to a short tutorial video and a quick start guide as well below. 

    Online User Account Set Up Video

    Quick Start Guide

    Please note, once an account is established, you don't need to complete this step again. All internal requests from staff/groups also need accounts created before the first facility use request is submitted. 

    2.  Once you have completed step one, you may request your facility space by clicking on Step Two - Request Facility to the left. If you have used this site before to request space, you may begin at Step Two. You can check the availability of the space you would like to request by clicking on the "Availability Calendar" to the left.

    Video Tutorial

  • ML Schedules Walkthrough


    Step 1: Create an account. Click HERE

    Step 2: Request Facility. Sign in HERE