• Tim Malott

    Tim Malott (LRE Teacher)

    Room 633

    e-mail: tmalott@hanover.k12.in.us

    phone: 374-3800 Ext. 3824

    Welcome! Welcome to an exciting school year (2020-21) learning about how to effectively communicate in our world.

    Bachelor's Degree - Language Arts Teacher - Purdue University 2007
    Master's Degree - Master of Education (M.Ed) (focus on special education) - Purdue University 2011
    Purdue University
    I served my country in the United States Marine Corps (1982-1986), where I obtained the rank of Sergeant.
     USMC 1982 - Mr. Malott Boot Camp - Mr. Malott - 1982
    Semper Fidelis - Latin for "Always Faithful"