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    A new chapter for high school principal Tami Kepshire

    New principal Tami Kepshire can’t wait to welcome students to Hanover Central High School for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    “I am excited to be back in a high school setting,” Ms. Kepshire said.  From 2003 to 2015 she taught science in a high school setting.  “I love the interaction with the older kids.  I like to see what’s next for them.  Excited to meet the staff, the kids and to get started.”

    “What I miss the most in high school is that I don’t have that participation in athletics. Athletics has been a big part of my life. Going to look forward to a track meet or a football game. Can’t wait to do that. “

    Ms. Kepshire resides in Hobart. She has two children: Andy and Alyssa and both reside in Hobart, too. Ms. Kepshire has a dog named Gauge who is a Labrador Retriever and rottweiler mix. “We call him our Rotten Lab,” Ms. Kepshire said.

    Ms. Kepshire had been with the South Bend Community School Corporation. She never thought she would leave the South Bend school district but when the opportunity came up to be a principal at Hanover Central High School she felt she wanted to give it a try.

    “I didn’t even go into education first,” she said. “I went into the medical field first. I became a respiratory therapist and every place that I worked I would end up teaching and doing in-service projects.”

    Ms. Kepshire said her dad, Bill Cope, also an educator and principal with Hobart schools, kept telling her to go back to school for education.

    “So when my son got into middle school I went back and got my degree in 2003 and started teaching science at Portage schools. I worked with Mary Tracy-MacAulay.  

    “I love being a principal,” Ms. Kepshire said. “I have a different impact on kids. I get to know everybody in the building and I get to work with the teachers and the kids. I like having fun.”

    Ms. Kepshire said it is bittersweet to leave South Bend but she’s excited to work in the high school and she will be closer to home. And I get to work with Mrs. MacAulay again.”

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    Tami Kepshire is shown skydiving. 

    For fun Ms. Kepshire likes to do anything and everything. “I love to read and I like to be active. I like to fish and go on trips with my kids. I’ve gone skydiving and I will be hang gliding soon.”

    “I will try anything that is exciting. You only live once.”

    Kepshire is looking forward to beginning a new chapter with Hanover Community Schools and is ready to return to the high school level.