• Mr. Engle


    Welcome Students!

    My name is Mr. Engle.  I am new to the Hanover Community School Corporation this year, but I have served as an educator in Northwest Indiana for the last nine years.  I have a lot of experience working in diverse communities, and I am really looking forward to sharing my love of learning with you.  Aside from education, I am a lover of music, books, art, nature, and fitness.  Outside of the classroom, you may find me skateboarding around town, playing mandolin, or hiking with my wife and dogs. To me, there is no greater tragedy than wasted potential.  Discipline yourself, give every day your best effort, treat everyone with respect, and you will begin to see a world of opportunity develop in front of your eyes!

    Let's make this a great school year!


    Mr. Michael Engle, M. Ed


    Course Syllabus:

     English 10