• Hello, Parents and Students!! Welcome to the 2020-'21 school year. I know, despite all the changes and obstacles, this year will be fantastic. My name is Mrs. Rebecca Zimmer and I myself am an alumnus of Hanover Central. I have lived all over the Region throughout my lifetime, inevitably to end up right back in Cedar Lake. After high school, I moved to Whiting, IN where I attended school at Calumet College of St. Joseph. At CCSJ I completed my undergraduate degree earning a Bachelor's in English Language Arts. After graduating I was accepted into the Teach For America program and began Teaching at Morton High School in Hammond, IN. I stayed at Morton for three years teaching a variety of things from English 9, to Poetry, to Student Media, and even Dramatic Literature. This year though, I made the switch back to my alma mater, and it is here where I intend to stay for the rest of my career.

    My time at Hanover was a defining time for me and I hope to provide that to my students as well, to foster the desire to read, lead, and inspire others. I look forward to building relationships with my students, and to provide a fulfilling and purposeful experience. Now more than ever, my purpose is to engage my students and give them the experience that they need and so much desire in this trying time.

    If in the future you need to contact me, you may do so at rzimmer@hanover.k12.in.us.