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    School Corporation's Health Services


    Here you will find helpful links to resources such as physical forms, immunization questions and other miscellaneous health related information.

    Important Health Notices Will Also Be Posted To This Page


    Our Healthcare Staff:
    Jeannie Rochon RN-BSN
    High School Nurse/Health Services Supervisor
    Hanover Central High School
    (219) 374-3862
    Hanover Central Middle School                         Patricia Talbot, BSN/R.N.      219-374-3909     ptalbot@hanover.k12.in.us 
    Jane Ball Elementary School                             Nicole Sarkey R.N.               219-374-3703     nsarkey@hanover.k12.in.us
    Lincoln Elementary School                                Heather Gibson R.N.              219-374-3603     hgibson@hanover.k12.in.us 


    http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th? Walgreens is now offering free immunizations.  Please contact the store directly for details.  Free or low cost immunizations are also available to Lake County Residents through the Lake County Health Department.  Please visit their website for more information.