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    Mrs. Rachel Anderson
    Ext. 3835
    Room: 726
    Class Schedule:
    1st Hour - English 10
    2nd Hour - English 9
    3rd Hour - English 9
    4th Hour - ADV Speech
    5th Hour - Prep
    6th Hour - English 10
    7th Hour - English 9 Lab

    Thank you for visiting my teacher page.  I am excited to be teaching English for my sixth year at Hanover Central High School.  My favorite part of teaching English is being able to witness my students making connections to literature and realizing that, though a piece may have been written centuries ago, the themes and characters we encounter are still so relevant to our lives today.  Through English 9 and English 10, our students are exposed to a variety of works from throughout history and the world.  They are taught to read each piece closely and hunt for meaning where they may have initially found none.  In my classroom, we become detectives searching for authors' clues within their pages.