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    Lesley Klauk
    Jane Ball Elementary School Counselor
    Email: lklauk@hanover.k12.in.us
    Phone: 219-374-3700 X3716
    Mrs. Lesley Klauk
    Hello Parents and Students!  I am overjoyed to be at Jane Ball for the third year!  As you can see from my picture, children bring me much happiness, and the opportunity to learn is one of the greatest gifts in life.  This picture is of one of my two sons, Bennett.  He, his older brother Aidan, and my husband, Alec, and I live in Flossmoor, Illinois.  A few of the things we enjoy doing as a family are taking trips to other states to visit family, taking college tours as we travel, going camping, and swimming at the city pool in the summer!
    This is my eighth year as a counselor, and 13th year in education.  I believe that all students should be taught choice and how to make decisions responsibly.  My goal as a school counselor at Jane Ball Elementary is to help instill in students the need to care for themselves and one another.  It is important to me that all students feel and achieve personal success academically and emotionally.  I truly believe in Jane Ball's mission:  to do the right thing and treat people right.

    My background has always been rooted in education!  I have a Bachelor's degree in English Education from Indiana University and a Master's degree from Saint Xavier University in School Counseling.  My license allows me to counselor in students in grades K-12 in the states of Indiana and Illinois.    
    Professional Work
    I started working as a high school English teacher after graduating with my Bachelor's degree.  I worked in high schools for five years, and pursued my Master's Degree during the last two of those years.  I have counseled students from kindergarten through 12th grade in the schools I've been employed, before staying at home with my two sons.  While being a stay-at-home mom, I continued to work in schools part-time as a counseling department assistant and a substitute teacher.  I am an active member of the American School Counselor Association and the Illinois Counselor Association.
    Why do people see school counselor's?

    Students may choose to speak to Mrs. Klauk because they need someone to talk to, or need help with an issue with school, friends, home, or themselves. A friend, family member, teacher, or Administrator may also suggest a student go see the school counselor. Mrs. Klauk also checks in with students at random. The reasons depend on the person, and everyone is different. Some examples of why a student may see the school counselor are: discussing different personal issues such as relationship growth, peer conflicts, dealing with grief, being nervous or family issues.

    What to expect: Counseling with Mrs. Klauk at Jane Ball Elementary

    In an individual session, I work together with students to discuss whatever issues they are having. I do not just give advice or tell students what to do. I discuss what options students have, teach new strategies, and work with students so they can see how to choose behaviors that will help them in their situation. I am flexible and willing to approach student issues in a way that works for them. I will allow students to discuss what they need to and want, and look to find and develop the best solutions that work for them.  

    Confidentiality. It's Important.

    Confidentiality means that whatever students talk about will stay between them and the counselor. Confidentiality is essential for a good, working, counseling relationship.  I also ask students participating in group counseling to maintain confidentiality, so that those who participate can share and feel safe.  I will always respect this agreement, but there are important limits to confidentiality, where I would have to tell someone about something a student has said.  These times include: suspected child abuse (I am legally mandated to report suspected cases), harm to self, harm to others, a request by the student, if the student has broken or intends to break rules, or a supeona, which is a legal demand from a judge in court. If I ever have to tell a parent or another person something a student has said in confidence, I would inform the student first and help them to understand the reasons. However, those times are pretty rare!

    What do School Counselors do?

    The American School Counseling Association says:


    "Elementary school years set the tone for developing the knowledge, attitudes and skill necessary for children to become healthy, competent and confident learners. Through a comprehensive developmental school counseling program, school counselors work as a team with the school staff, parents and the community to create a caring climate and atmosphere. By providing education, prevention, early identification and intervention, school counselors can help all children achieve academic success. The professional elementary school counselor holds a master’s degree and required state certification in school counseling. Maintaining certification includes on-going professional development to stay current with education reform and challenges facing today’s students. Professional association membership enhances the school counselor’s knowledge and effectiveness."
    The counselor at Jane Ball Elementary provides the following services:

    School Guidance Curriculum
    • Academic support, including organizational, study and test-taking skills
    • Goal setting and decision-making
    • Career awareness, exploration and planning
    • Education on understanding self and others
    • Peer relationships, coping strategies and effective social skills
    • Communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution
    • Substance abuse education
    • Multicultural/diversity awareness
    • Individual student planning
    Academic planning
    • Goal setting/decision- making
    • Education on understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses
    • Transition plans
    Responsive Services
    • Individual and small-group counseling
    • Individual/family/school crisis intervention
    • Conflict resolution
    • Consultation/collaboration
    • Referrals

    System Support
    • Professional development
    • Consultation, collaboration and teaming
    • Program management and operation

    Elementary School Counselors Collaborate with:

    Parent education 
    Academic planning 
    College/career awareness programs 
    One-on-one parent conferencing 
    Interpretation of assessment results

    Classroom guidance activities 
    Academic support, including learning style assessment and education to help students succeed academically 
    Classroom speakers 
    At-risk student identification and implementation of interventions to enhance success

    School climate 
    Behavioral management plans 
    School-wide needs assessments 
    Student data and results 
    Student assistance team building

    Peer education 
    Peer support 
    Academic support 
    School climate 
    Leadership development
    Service learning 
    Crisis interventions 
    Support groups 
    Career education