• Duffy Family

    Hello, Parents and Students!! Welcome to the 2020-'21 school year.  As has been the case for each of my prior seventeen years of teaching, I know this one will be fantastic-- if not more so. I also know that at the start at least, this year promises to be very different.  My name is Mrs. Michelle Duffy (Students, you can leave out the Michelle), and I hail from this very institution of which you are all a part.  I have called Cedar Lake my home my entire life, except for the four short years I spent in Muncie, IN, where I earned my Bachelor's degree from Ball State University in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English.  For the first eleven years of my career, I taught in the Munster School Corporation.  Two years were dedicated to my eighth graders, as I taught Language Arts, and the latter nine years were focused at the high school level where I taught sophomore and senior English classes: English 10, English 10 Honors, Composition, and English Literature.  Six years ago I made the switch back to my alma mater, and it is here where I intend to stay forevermore.  
    One of my primary objectives is to give to my students what my teachers gave to me: a place where I could laugh, listen, and learn.  I look forward to building relationships with my students that are rooted in trust and respect, which will cultivate a greater, more fulfilling educational experience. Now more than ever, my purpose is to engage my students and to enlighten my students,  but I also know that my aim must be to cultivate open-mindedness and to create a space where students are free and forward thinkers.
    If in the future you need to contact me, you may do so at mduffy@hanover.k12.in.us, or you may call me during my plan period between the hours of 8:05-8:55 at 374-3800, extension 3830.