• This is Titan, the world’s most powerful and fastest supercomputer located at the Oakridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.  Titan has computational capability is on par with each of the world’s 7 billion people being able to carry out 3 million calculations per second.   (Photo: Oakridge National Laboratory)
    Aaron American Studies Mullinax
    Phone: 219-374-3900 x3948
    Homeroom: 507
     Bio: I have lived here in Cedar lake since 1999 and have grown up in Northwest Indiana.  My children have attended the Hanover Schools and are currently attending three of the four schools in the district.   I have been teaching here at the middle school for the past three years in the areas of science and social studies.  I have also coached Women's basketball for the past 5 years here at Hanover Central High School.  I have held previous teaching positions at other schools here in the region, teaching Economics, Government, and US History, while at these schools I have also coached varsity baseball, football, and women's basketball.   My educational background is the following: I have an AS in Pre Law/ History , BS in Secondary ED (Indiana University) with a focus on Historical Perspectives, Economics and Government.  I also currently hold my MS in School Administration. (Ball State University)
    Please use this link for my classroom webpage and classroom information http://mullinaxss.weebly.com