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    Purpose or Goal of the Group:
    To increase business and marketing knowledge through study and competitions. Students may compete in the form of role-plays or projects.
    Date to Join:
    Sign-up at start of school year until November.
    Meeting Dates/Times:
    Every Monday during Homeroom. After school as needed.
    Meeting Location:
    Room 765 (Mrs. Demmond's classroom)
    Cost to Join/Dues:
    $13 to join.   No other dues.
    Mrs. Suzanne Demmond
    Membership Limits/Qualifications:
    One semester of Business Foundations or Marketing I.
    District Competition at Munster High School
    State Competition in Indianapolis
    National Competition (location varies each year).
    Costs associated with travel to be determined.
    Mandatory equipment:
    DECA blazers required for national competition. ($100)
    Other Expenses:
    Fund Raisers/Required Activities:
    DECA sells cookies at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.