• Meet the Superintendent

    We welcomed Mary Tracy-MacAulay as the next Superintendent of Hanover Schools on March 13th, 2018 with a unanimous vote by the Hanover Community School Board of Trustees.  Mrs. MacAulay began her service as Superintendent on July 1, 2018.

    Mary Tracy-MacAulay

    Mary Tracy-MacAulay

    Mrs. Tracy-MacAulay has served as the Curriculum Director and Assistant Superintendent for Hanover schools since 2015.  Prior to coming to Hanover Mrs. Tracy-MacAulay served as an Assistant Superintendent in Portage Township Schools.  Her previous service to education includes experience as a teacher, a principal and an adjunct professor at both Ivy Tech and DeVry Universities.  Mrs. MacAulay has a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Valparaiso University, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Purdue University-Calumet and received her Superintendent’s License from Indiana State University in Terre Haute in 2011.  She is currently completing work on her PhD from ISU. 

    It is a very personal and inspiring story that explains Mrs. Tracy-MacAulay’s path into the field of education.    As a student in high school Mrs. MacAulay was introduced to a student with severe disabilities.  “It was an instant feeling of empathy and a personal discovery that I might be able to help, that made me want to work with students who struggle.”  The journey into school administration was inspired not from personal desire, but from the encouragement of colleagues.  “They saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.  It hadn’t even been a part of my conscious thought,” said Mrs. MacAulay.  “I heard, ‘you should be a principal’ often enough to make the decision to pursue the position.  “Sometimes people see strengths and talents in someone that they might not see in themselves and they get you to move in the direction you should go.” 

    As an administrator, particularly as a principal, Mrs. MacAulay found her passion and calling.  “I absolutely loved being a principal.  You get to know every single child and you get to grow with them and their family.  You build strong relationships with students and staff and they really do become your extended family in a way you didn’t know existed.”

    Since coming to Hanover, Mrs. MacAulay has focused her efforts on implementing best practices in instruction and aligning curriculum for kids.  She has enjoyed getting to know the staff and is impressed with their devotion to students.  “I see all of their strengths, their commitment and their willingness to take risks,” explained Mrs. MacAulay.  She believes those are the very traits it will take to answer the challenges that lie ahead for Hanover schools.  The growing enrollment will require creativity and commitment by the entire staff and teachers in order to continue to provide the services our students need within the budget limitations faced.  “We have been smart and very good stewards of the funds we received from the referendum, but we are going to have to look for ways to stretch our dollars even further to accommodate both expected and unexpected expenses, while our enrollment continues to grow and the need for services for our students continues to increase,” explained Mrs. MacAulay. 

    Mrs. MacAulay also accepts a personal challenge.  “I see where I want us to be, as a school community, and I will need to be ever mindful of the patience and very deliberate actions it will take to get us there.  “The Hanover staff is composed of incredibly talented people.  We are a small, but rapidly growing district. Our aspirations to positively impact students have no bounds.  They’re anything, but small,” said Mrs. MacAulay.

    The first impression many parents and community partners will take away from meeting Mary Tracy-MacAulay is that she is committed to kids and believes strongly that Hanover students can develop into caring, involved, and strong citizens.  “I want them to be risk takers, believe in themselves and know they can accomplish anything.” 

    Mary and Bill MacAulay

    Mary Tracy-MacAulay and her husband, Bill at a ball game.

    Outside of her role as the new Superintendent for Hanover Schools, Mary Tracy-MacAulay is a wife, mother, grandmother and avid reader.  Mrs. MacAulay has been married to her husband, Bill for 5 years and together they are parents to a blended family of 3 children, 2 girls, Megan and Kristen, and one son, Davis, and a dog named Ernie.  She is the proud grandmother of two and spends as much time as possible with her family.  Her perfect Saturday would begin out on her deck with a good cup of coffee and quiet conversation, interspersed with laughter, with her husband.  “I cherish the time I spend with my family.  I like who they are as people and enjoy spending time with them,” said Mrs. MacAulay. 

    Ernie MacAulay

    Meet Ernie MacAulay!

    Mrs. MacAulay believes that Hanover is a destination, not a quick stop on a journey, for families and educators alike.  “I want everyone to know that Hanover is a place they want to be.  I want parents to be as proud of Hanover as I am.”