Welcome Back Jane Ball Lions!



    Welcome Back Jane Ball Lions!

    We are excited for a new year of learning at fun at Jane Ball!  We look forward to seeing our returning students and several new students at Jane Ball this year.  Our staff members spend each summer reading, learning and preparing for the new school year and we are ready for our students to arrive!

    We love our time with our students and are always working to make sure they are safe and happy at Jane Ball.  We value each child and the experiences they bring to the school environment. Excitement and encouragement will be fostered everyday at Jane Ball.

    Reading is the cornerstone for learning.  We will work to encourage all children to read every day both in and out of school.  Students will be given opportunities to read for many purposes at school. Starting as young as Kindergarten, we will begin to build a love of reading and learning at Jane Ball with our students.  Our families can support reading by giving all children 15-20 minutes every night to read books of their choice.

    We hope you take some time to get to know our school.  If you are new to the area or a returning family that is very familiar with us, please visit often and follow us on social media.  We are often sharing stories on the Jane Ball page of the district website: www.hanover.k12.in.us, on our Facebook page (Jane Ball Elementary) and on Twitter search: #myjblions.  

    Our students have a story to tell about their education, and we will work to give them a platform to share daily happenings at Jane Ball.

    I encourage you to ask your child and their teacher for information sent home from school about current events and activities throughout the year.  If, at anytime, you need to contact me with questions or concerns please call (219) 374-3700 or email me at reckart@hanover.k12.in.us.

    Thank you for sharing your children with us each day, we cherish this opportunity you have given us.  



    Mr. Ryan Eckart



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    Getting to Know Principal Eckart

    picture of Principal Eckart  

    Ryan Eckart is our “East Coast” Administrator who was born and raised in a small town in Maine.  As the son of college professors, his first choice wasn’t education.  He studied hospitality management at Michigan State where he did an internship at Walt Disney World.  In the sunny Florida sunshine he met his wife, Kari, who is from our area.  He transferred to and graduated from Valparaiso University.  They are now the parents of four lively daughters, two of whom are students at Lincoln  Elementary and two who will ultimately become Hanover    students.  His most recent professional position prior to coming to Hanover was as Director of Elementary Education in the Concord Community Schools in Elkhart, IN.

    Along with a passion for kids, Mr. Eckart has a passion for literacy and technology.  Students will know he’s in the building by his colorful apparel and shiny sneakers, but it’s far more likely they will notice his love for learning and his ability to share that love with his students.