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HCMS 8th Grade Visits Chambertown

On Tuesday, March 19th, our 8th-grade class embarked on an enriching journey to the Dean and Barbara White Community Center in Merrillville! They participated in Junior Achievement Chambertown, a captivating event hosted by the Crossroads Northwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Junior Achievement. Students from various Northwest Indiana schools joined in this exciting economic adventure, making it a day filled with learning and collaboration! 

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Officer Corbin Teaches "Too Good for Drugs" 5th Grade Program at Red Cedars

Officer Dustin Corbin's introduction of the "Too Good for Drugs" program at Red Cedars Elementary School represents a significant milestone in proactive education for 5th-grade students. Through engaging activities and comprehensive content, students are empowered with vital skills to navigate the challenges they may encounter in their teenage and adult years. Officer Corbin's commitment to fostering a positive learning environment is evident, and the program's alignment with the Hanover Community School Corporation's goals underscores its importance.

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Dungeons and Dragons Club Soars into Role Playing Game

During the 2022-2023 school year, Ms. Kasey Mooney, an 8th-grade English/Language Arts teacher at Hanover Central Middle School, launched the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Club to foster creativity and camaraderie among students. D&D offers a collaborative storytelling experience where players immerse themselves in thrilling adventures, promoting storytelling, strategic thinking, and collaborative problem-solving. The club not only provides a space for creativity but also imparts valuable employability skills such as collaboration, adaptability, integrity, and self-discipline. Through interviews with club members, it's evident that D&D fosters personal growth, friendship, and imaginative exploration, making it an enriching experience for all involved.

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Work-based Learning at HCHS

Hanover Central High School is hoping to implement a work-based learning program where students split their time between work and school. This allows our students to get a real-world workplace experience before graduation. Ms. Kepshire has made it possible for two students to participate in this potential program for the 2023-2024 school year. 

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STEM Kickoff

Hanover Community School Corporation adopted the CREATE2THINK STEM curriculum through Equitable Education Solutions Innovation as part of our strategic plan. Mrs. Darnstaedt, students, and staff at Jane Ball Elementary and Lincoln Elementary kicked off the first unit. Stay tuned for more STEM updates! 

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Congressman Mrvan Surprises Two HCMS Students

Congressman Frank Mrvan surprised Mason Burdan and Joshua Mola with the news that they won the Congressional App Challenge for District 1. The boys submitted a computer horror game titled "The Dark Forest." Many administrators, both boys' parents, and the media were in attendance to witness this accomplishment. 

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