• Board Meeting Schedules

    The Board of School Trustees meets regularly twice a month on the second (Discussion) and fourth (Regular Business) Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The usual location for the Board meeting is the Administration Building, but there are times when the meeting is moved to the local school building or other locations as needed. There are times when the Board will hold a Special Meeting and these meetings will be posted in the "Announcements" section of the Corporation website. 

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Q. What is a Board meeting?

    A. A Board Meeting is a meeting held in public for the purpose of administering the schools of the district. The public observes the proceedings and may only participate in specially prescribed times or when the President deems it necessary.

    Q. What is a Board member?

    A. A Board member is an elected official chosen to represent the citizens of Hanover Township. The Board member elected focuses on the school district's vision, mission, and core beliefs and adopts policies for the smooth running of the schools.

    Q. What does a Board member Do?

    A. A Board member adopts policies, approves budgets, approves the hiring of staff, and establishes an administrative team to run the schools.

    Q. How may I participate in a Board meeting?

    A . Members of the public are always encouraged to attend Board meetings. They may also speak on topics of interest or on agenda items during the fifteen (15)-minute Public Participation section on the agenda. There is also an opportunity for the public to share positive comments and to provide announcements at the end of each meeting.

    The public is welcome to review the budgets and any other item following Board action (except for personnel issues) and may do so by contacting the Superintendent of Schools.

    Members of the public may request to have an item placed on the agenda by contacting the Superintendent at least fourteen (14)-days in advance. The Superintendent will confer with the Board President and will notify the requesting individual of the decision as to whether or not the item will be publicly declared.

    If you wish to participate we ask that you sign the clipboard prior to the meeting. You will, in most instances, be provided 3-minutes to speak. If there are many that wish to speak, the President may limit the time to afford others the opportunity to speak.

    Q. What is the agenda?

    A. The general agenda will always include the following:

    •  Commendations

    •  Approval of the agenda

    •  Fifteen-minute public comments and discussion

    •  Approval of the minutes of previous meetings

    •  Business items:

    •  Action on the paid staff (staff wages) and unpaid (materials, supplies and services)

    •  Claims-all financial expenses

    •  Fees (textbook rental, transfer tuition, etc.)

    •  Facility management issues (building project, facility request, etc.)

    •  Approval of Budgets

    •  Personnel items:

    •  Hiring of staff

    •  Other

    •  Policy recommendations

    •  Discussion

    •  For the Good of the Order (announcements)

    •  Adjournment

    Q. What if I have questions?

    A. You are welcome to call the Superintendent of Schools directly at 374-3500.

    Q. Do I have a right to view the agenda before the meeting?

    A. Yes, and if you wish, you may speak with the staff about it as well.

    Q. Where may I review policies regarding the operation of the Board of School Trustees?

    A. You may view the policies in two ways. First they are all listed on the Worldwide Internet at the following address: www.neola.com/hanover-in. You may also view a hard copy in the Superintendent of Schools' office. Individuals wishing to view bylaws and administrative policies on the Internet would review the 0000 and 1000 sections, although the entire policy manual is open to the public.