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Healthcare Career Expo

During mid March, 28 students from Hanover Central Middle School and 22 students from Hanover Central High School visited the Dean and Barbara White Community Center in Merrillville, IN for the VicTory 4 Kidz Youth Healthcare Career Expo. Students had many things to expect: 20 different careers to explore, over 25 simulation activities, participation in discussions with exhibitors about ways to expand their horizons, and (for high schoolers only) mock interviews where they received tips and feedback. There were 15 healthcare specialties represented and over 30 exhibitors that gave the students merchandise and hands-on experiences. Students were given a list of questions to ask the exhibitors and then asked their own questions.




Robin Dillon, guidance counselor at Hanover Central Middle School, was asked what she felt the students gained from the expo. “They were able to speak with professionals in many different areas of healthcare.  They were able to try out simulations and get a sense of what the job was about and what education and training is necessary for the job.” After talking with some students, Dillon explained that the overall feedback of the event was very positive. 

An 8th-grader, Logan Osborn, said, “I thought it was fun and an engaging way to learn about new things hands-on. My favorite booth was the CPR one because it was the most useful skill.” He explained that he wanted to attend the event to learn more about the medical field and he learned that it is so broad with many opportunities. Kennedy Morgan, also an 8th-grader, said, “ I think it was a great experience that helped me learn more about the different branches of healthcare. It also helped me visualize which branch I might want to join in the future while providing good visuals of what you'd do every day as part of that branch.” She really enjoyed looking through the microscope at different cells. She wanted to attend because she saw the opportunity to learn more about healthcare and see the many potential career options for her future.



Michelle Davlantis, Health Science Education Instructor at Hanover Central High School, said, “My students were interested in learning about different career opportunities in healthcare. For me, I enjoyed watching them interact with healthcare professionals and see how what they're learning in class (medical terminology) applies in the real world.” She also explained that her students enjoyed the exposure to different careers and seeing what opportunities are available to them. They also enjoyed speaking to the representatives from colleges to learn how what they are doing now will help them in the future.

Nicole Balogun, sophomore at Hanover Central High School, said, “I thought that the healthcare career expo was very interesting and helpful to let me know which route in the medical field that I wanted to go into. It even kind of made me interested in going to the military where I would be able to pursue what I love while also helping others that are serving this country. It helped me confirm that I want to either be a pediatrician or an OB-GYN.” Dominic Capretti, also a sophomore, explained that he attended the expo because he likes to learn about the medical field and wanted to familiarize himself with the possible careers that he might want to pursue.



Another sophomore, Samantha Kraus, said, “I learned that there are many different careers to pursue in the healthcare field, and you just have to find which one suits you the best.” Jerome Murphy, also a sophomore, explained that his favorite booth was the respiratory therapist because she told them a lot of information about schooling and encouraged students to follow their interests. 

Overall, this was a great experience for both our middle school and high school students because they got to see what the healthcare field looks like. With hands-on activities and representatives giving advice and insights, students were given a better understanding of what the healthcare field looks like. This allowed them to have a better understanding of what careers they would like to pursue in the future, as well as understand the broad spectrum of healthcare.