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Art is Everywhere!

Art is all around us. Some form of art interests each and every person in the world. Lillian Hernandez, first grader at Lincoln Elementary School, has taken a liking to pretty much all types of art there is. Mrs. Chambers, art teacher at Lincoln, was contacted by Lily’s mother before Spring Break. Mrs. Hernandez’s email to Mrs. Chambers said, “Lily has been coming home just bursting with artist history information… I promised her a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago during Spring Break and wondered if you had any recommendations on exhibits we must see while we are there.” Since Mrs. Chambers hadn’t been there in a while, she suggested some pieces that she thought were still there. Some suggestions included: George Stuart’s dot art, Georgia OKeefe, Monet, and a few more.



After Spring Break, Mrs. Hernandez shared their Art Institute day with Mrs. Chambers. Lily made sure to see all the pieces that Mrs. Chambers recommended. She also gravitated towards abstract art, her two favorites being Edtaonisl by Picabia and Lozenge Composition by Mondrian. Lily and her brother took off and Mrs. Hernandez just followed Lily’s lead. They also got to experience the special exhibit by Dali.




Mrs. Chambers was able to talk to Lily after Spring Break. Lily said that she loves art so much mainly because of pop art, which is her favorite. She especially loved the piece of art called Water Lilies by Monet because her name is Lily. Lily went on to tell Mrs. Chambers that she wants to be a regular teacher when she grows up.