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HLA Graduation 2023

Milestones are something that everyone goes through, whether they want to or not. Children grow up and achieve these milestones, whether we want them to or not. “I can’t believe she’s eight already,” and “He cannot be a 6th grader!” We say these things to ourselves as our children grow up and achieve great things. A huge milestone in anyone’s life is preschool graduation. On May 31, 2023, Hanover Community Schools graduated Hanover Learning Academy's first class of 40 students.




The ceremony was held at Hanover Central High School, where the students walked into “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” for the processional. Students sang 4 songs including: “The Better Alphabet Song,” Count to 20,” “Thank You,” and “Ready to Go.” The students were then each presented with diplomas. The recessional song was “What I Am.” Refreshments were served to enjoy with teachers and family. There was so much colorful art that decorated the stage and lobby. Students wore graduation caps throughout the ceremony and it was truly a magical experience.



Mrs. Bochnowski’s full-day class included 14 students. Students expressed their favorite parts of preschool, which included: stations, playing outside, having butterflies in the classroom, art, playing with trains, when Mrs. Bochnowski says that she loves the students, the playground, blocks, the water table, and the Christmas program. Each student also told us what they want to be when they grow up. Different dreams included: becoming a doctor, a teacher, a babysitter, a dirt-bike rider, a policeman, a gymnastics teacher, and a scientist. 



Mrs. Ishmael’s AM class included 14 students and her PM class included 12 students. Her class also had favorite things about preschool, which included: playing with friends, blocks, eating, art, the bouncy house, painting, “being the teacher,” playing outside, show and tell, letting the butterflies go, playing with the high schoolers, the cave on the playground, the Halloween party, when they exploded the Coke, Christmas, dramatic play, and the sensory table. Students described their dreams for when they grow up, which included: becoming a ballerina, a worker, a firefighter, a cleaning lady, just a kid, a referee for hockey, a mom, a teacher, an ironworker, a doctor, a paleontologist, and a cat saver.



Congratulations to the first graduating class from Hanover Learning Academy. The week before the graduation ceremony, students had the opportunity to visit the Jane Ball Elementary School and Lincoln Elementary School, which is where they will go into kindergarten. Students toured the schools, met the principals and teachers, asked questions, and got some goodies from their new friends. We wish all of our students the best of luck in their next milestone and the many more milestones to come.