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EMTs in the Making

The Emergency Medical Tech (EMT) course at Hanover Central High School is a comprehensive program designed to prepare students for a career in emergency medical services. Developed in accordance with the standards set by the Department of Transportation and the Emergency Medical Services Commission of Indiana, this course delves into the theories, techniques, and operational aspects of pre-hospital emergency care. Students are exposed to a rigorous curriculum that not only covers classroom instruction but also includes hands-on laboratory practice and valuable clinical observations in hospital emergency rooms and ambulances. 



To gain insight into the student experience and the teaching approach, we had the privilege of interviewing the six dedicated students enrolled in this course, as well as Mr. Jacob Viehman, the instructor, guiding them on their journey toward becoming certified EMTs. This course provides a solid foundation and is a crucial step toward achieving national certification as an NREMT, making it an excellent opportunity for those aspiring to make a difference in the field of emergency medical services. In order to take this course, students have to pass the Principles of Healthcare course and the Medical Terminology course.


Students in the class include Trinity Evans, Paige Jermolowicz, Jordane Neal, Brent Salisbery, Grace Watson, and Isabella Zorzi. All of the students in the class are juniors and seniors. When interviewing the students, they all said that they enjoyed the hands-on experiences that they have had in this class, rather than just sitting and taking notes in a traditional classroom setting. They appreciate the class's uniqueness in comparison to other courses and the skills that they learn can be beneficial for them in the future. So far in the course, students have learned CPR, spinal immobilization, and airway management. After completing this course and receiving their certification, they can go into any ambulance service right out of high school.



All the students said that they want to go into the medical field in some way in the future. Grace Watson said that she wanted to become an ER nurse or an athletic trainer in the future. Brent Salisbery currently works at the Cedar Lake Fire Department and one of the requirements is to become a certified EMT, which this class will provide. He plans to continue with the fire department and eventually become a certified paramedic. Isabella Zorzi wants to go into nursing, specifically in an emergency room. Paige Jermolowicz wants to go into the nursing field. Trinity Evans wants to go into the medical field as a surgeon. Jordane Neal wants to be a police officer.


The students recommend this class to others because it is good to learn the skills, gives you an EMT certification for your resume, if you plan to go into the medical field, you get a foot in the door, you learn how to work well with others, and it’s a character-building and prideful class to be in. The skills are taught in a game format sometimes, which allows for better comprehension. Students have access to resources like supraglottic airway and CPR mannequins, which create a real-life experience for them. 


Mr. Viehman shares experience, as he has been a certified EMT himself for over 20 years. The students really enjoy how Mr. Viehman teaches the class by sharing stories from his experiences, the respect that he has for the students, his honesty, the way he keeps things interesting, and how he breaks down the information for a better understanding. Over a two-week period, Mr. Viehman placed the CPR mannequins in the halls during passing periods. Students had to stop in the hallway and perform CPR as if it was a medical emergency. Other students and staff were notified of this, so as to not cause panic in the hallways. This gave the students a real experience with the sense of urgency and need to save a life in the moment. 


The EMT course at Hanover Central High School offers a unique and invaluable opportunity for students to embark on a path of life-saving knowledge and skills. With our dedicated instructor, hands-on training, and a strong community of learners, this program equips students with the tools and confidence needed to make a real difference in emergency situations. Whether you pursue a career in healthcare or simply wish to be a responsible, prepared citizen, the EMT course at Hanover Central High School provides a solid foundation for anyone’s future. It's an educational journey that not only enhances your personal growth but also contributes to the well-being of your community.