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Making The Call

From Superintendent Mary Tracy-MacAulay

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We are grateful for the understanding and concern expressed by our parent partners and the greater Hanover community at large during this difficult weather period.

For many of our parents, the last time this kind of weather event occurred they were not yet born, or were school children themselves.  Fortunately for all of us, technology has enabled us to have the information we need sooner and communicate it faster than was even thought possible in 1985. 

What goes into our decision to call for a delayed start or a cancellation?  First and foremost, and in reality, the only factor is the safety of our students and staff.  Can we safely transport our students to and from school?  Can we provide safe and fully functioning facilities in which they can learn and reach for the stars?  Can we safely transport our students back home again?  Those are the difficult questions we must be able to answer with the highest level of certainty possible.  For example; Will a delayed start allow us enough time to ensure the buses will start and run and arrive at designated stops on time and warmed up?  Will our facilities be able to maintain the level of comfort and services expected from an “A” district?  Will we have enough staff to provide the exemplary instruction we offer each and every day?  Will we be able to house, feed, and educate our kids until the end of a normal school day, and then provide safe transportation back home?  If the answer to all of those questions are determined to be YES, by me and the Directors of Transportation and Operations, a call for a delayed start is made.  If the answers to those questions cannot be determined with certainty, school will be cancelled.  

Many opinions are expressed on social media and we are always pleased when our parent and community partners offer input.  We make every attempt to respond to those comments and questions as soon as possible.  What you think is indeed important to us, because in large part it makes us who we are as a school community.

We are working diligently to implement an e-Learning curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year, but are adamant that such a curriculum must have meaning and not be simply, “busy work.”  To do anything less, would deprive our students of the education they most certainly deserve.

While we do monitor what other districts are doing and multiple weather sources, we are intimately aware that our community is unique.  While blowing and drifting snow may be dangerous on the west side of Rt. 41, it may be barely discernable in the neighborhoods around the lake itself.  We are constantly aware that what may be happening near Lincoln Elementary School, looks very different than conditions at Hanover Central High School.  We embrace the uniqueness of our community, our schools, our traditions and our dedicated parent partnership.  This is the time to thank all of you for your understanding and support.

Together, we will make it through this historic weather event and always put the needs and safety of our students first.



Mary Tracy-MacAulay

Superintendent of Schools

Hanover Community School Corporation