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Key Club Event Includes Generations of Fans

One of the stated goals of the Hanover Central High School Key Club and Hanover Central Middle School Builder’s Club is to, “build themselves as they build their schools and communities.”  There is no better way to build a community than to offer Club members an opportunity to serve at an event that touched generations. 

two girls behind serving counter

Nicole Kane and Anna Wilk spent a morning serving others at the Hanover Easter Bunny Breakfast and Egg Hunt.

The annual Easter Bunny Breakfast and Egg Hunt went far beyond just a ‘fun” activity for kids.  It brought together generations with connections to the Hanover community.

One family enjoying the pancakes and sausage served at the event was represented by four generations.

people eating pancakes

Four generations of one family enjoy pancakes and sausage:  (l to r - back):  Carey Chalos and Margaret Valois, (l to r - front):  Austin Shaffer, Stephanie Shaffer and Zach Shaffer.

“My sister was a member of the first graduating class of Hanover Central High School,” said, Margaret Valois, a great grandmother who attended the breakfast with members of her family.  Her daughter, Chris Diehl, manager of the Advanced Auto Parts store in DeMotte, was unable to attend the event, but Aunt Carey Chalos, a familiar name in the Hanover community, was there to represent the second generation.  Third generation Stephanie Shaffer, a current resident of Merrillville, was happy to attend with fourth generation sons Zachary, and Austin.  The celebration was just a little extra special as Austin would turn two the next day. 

boy eating sausage

Zach Shaffer, who would turn 2 the day after the Key Club Easter Bunny breakfast enjoyed the sausage.  His Mom, Stephanie, hopes Zach willl be a Wildcat someday!

“I want to move into the Hanover district in time for my sons to attend Hanover schools,” said Stephanie Shaffer.  Four-year-old Austin was having a great time enjoying breakfast, gifts from the Easter Bunny and was excited to get the egg hunt under way.  Austin has been attending the event since he was an infant.

Every child attending received a small gift from the Easter Bunny and a chance to take photos with the furry and friendly rabbit who most certainly had a close relationship with a Key Club member.  Others went home winners of a raffle that include baskets and buckets and giant chocolate delights.

Easter bunny with girl

Everyone loved the friendly Easter Bunny (a.k.a. Hannah Schneider) and escort, and fellow Club Member, Lynsey Schneider.

Easter bunny giving high fives

There is nothing like a table visit from the Easter Bunny that includes a 'high five.'

woman and students with raffle baskets

Key Club and Builder's Club Sponsor, Mary Joan Dickson and Club Members, (l to r):  Amanda Erickson, Nathan Wilson and Emma Jewett call raffle winners to collect their prizes.

With full tummies, babies, toddlers and pre-teens, gathered outside to surround the high school and race across the tennis courts to collect candy filled eggs and with a little luck grab a bright glitter egg to earn them a special prize.

girls with plastic eggs

Club member Sami Corey places one of the coveted 'glitter eggs' in the net of the tennis court.

boy with star wars bucket on his head

Sometimes, the waiting is the hardest part!

crowd of kids and parents

kids standing outside of a school

Children of all ages gather at spots selected just for them!

little boy running with basket

...and they're off!

little kids getting eggs

...finding eggs!

three kids in kitchen making pancakes

Key Club members (l to r) Danny Kelly, Colton Zableckis and Joy Gliwa are all a part of building a community and serving generations.