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One Simple Question


“There is never an end to your education,” said Senior Trevor Victor who is not only a soon to be Hanover Central High School graduate, but is a recent graduate of the District 1 Fire Academy and is now a probationary volunteer firefighter with the Lake Hills/St. John Township Fire Department.

young man standing by plaques

Trevor Victor

The career path for Trevor didn’t always seem so clear.  “Last year my parents asked me, ‘So what do you want to do with the rest of your life,” he recalls with a chuckle.  “Really if they hadn’t brought it up, I don’t know that I was really thinking about it.”  He momentarily considered law enforcement, but knew that after completing the firefighter training he was where he belonged. 

group of firefighters

Trevor can always be spotted by his great grin (second row - second from left) and is seen here with his fellow graduates from the District 1 Fire Academy.

Less than a year after James and Jacqueline Victor asked their son one simple question about his future, Trevor has not only thought about it, but also come up with a plan…and an alternate plan...AND has already completed step one and is knee deep into step two.  If that sounds impressive, it is.  Trevor’s ultimate goal is to become a full time firefighter, like his father, James Victor, who has served the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District for more than 20 years. 

Trevor is about to begin EMT classes through an accelerated program with the Hammond/Dyer Fire Departments and then is hoping to become a member of the United States Coast Guard.  If the Coast Guard program isn’t a good fit, Trevor hopes to earn an Associate’s Degree at a local college and then complete the requirements needed for a paramedic license. 

Through Trevor values the idea of continuing his education and earning an Associate’s Degree, he is not entirely sure what his focus would be in college.  “It could be anything really,” said Trevor who has been a consistently great student at Hanover Central High School.  Currently with a cumulative GPA of 3.80, Trevor’s favorite subject is AP U.S. History with teacher, Justin Denton.  “I like it.  It’s hard and I just think it’s a great subject and he’s a pretty awesome teacher.” 

young man talking to woman

Trevor Victor talks with Athletic Director, Kelly Bermes about his future and the fun of being a senior at Hanover Central High School.

In addition to Trevor’s hard work toward the ‘rest of his life,’ he represents Hanover well as a member of the Hanover Central High School Golf team.”. It’s all about fire and golf for me,” said Trevor who was younger than he can remember when his grandfather introduced him to the sport.  Though he tried soccer for a few years, Trevor’s love of golf knows no limits.  “I’ll always play, as long as I can,” he added.

We are immensely proud of Trevor and grateful to his parents for asking him that one simple question.  We wanted to know what Trevor might tell his ‘younger self’ if he were currently a 4th grader at Lincoln Elementary School where he began his academic career with Hanover.  “I would tell them to follow their heart and find something they truly desire.  Pick a path in life that will make you happy,” he said.  “Is that too corny?” Trevor laughed as soon as he responded.

No, Trevor, it’s not corny at all, it’s a great place for a student to start.