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Two Seniors Carry on a Craft and an Art

The ‘craft’ of sewing dates back to the days of living in caves with humans garbed in animal skins crudely attached together.  The ‘art’ of sewing belongs to the Middle Ages when seamstresses and tailors fashioned garments by hand with intricate embroidery often as the focal point.  It was a time when an individual’s station in society could be immediately assessed by the clothing they wore.

Flash forward to 2019 and several Hanover students have become masters of the art form.  Earlyne Long and Urma Zaidi, both Seniors graduating this year, are uniquely gifted and talented in not only the craft of sewing but the art of design as well.  Earlyne and Urma have designed and made every dress, for every dance, they have attended since beginning their journey through Hanover Central High School. 

two girls standing in front of sign

Earlyne Long and Urma Zaidi

Earlyne holds close to her heart the love of sewing she inherited from her mother and from participation in 4H where the principle of sewing teaches young people not only how to sew, but adds the additional principles of learning about textiles, techniques and design. 

This year Earlyne crafted a beautiful royal blue prom dress and describes it as, “a unique creation from three different designs.”  She expressed her belief that designing her own dresses helps her avoid looking like everyone else.  Earlyne sews on her mother’s hand me down sewing machine and purchases her fabric from JoAnn.  JoAnn stores have developed a close partnership with 4-H.  While Earlyne has no interest in designing or crafting dress for others, she believes her love of sewing will last well beyond her high school years.  

two high school students at prom

Earlyne Long in her own creation at Prom

four different prom gowns

Gowns by Earlyne Long, each one more fabulous than the last!

Like Earlyne, Urma Zaidi developed her love of sewing from her mother.  She can clearly recall seeing her mother and aunts sew at a young age and remembers falling in love with the beautiful fabrics they used.  As a high school student, Urma has designed more than twenty dresses for special occasions.  She believes designing and sewing her own dress enables her to reflect her own unique personality and style. 

two teenagers at prom

Urma Zaida in her creation at Prom.

Urma is adamant that she would not design a dress for anyone else and explains her feelings; “You should have something for self.  People can give other people anything, but what you give yourself should be sacred.”  Urma, like her classmate purchases some of her fabrics from a local JoAnn store, but the vast majority of her creations are made with fabric from Pakistan. 

five dresses hanging from ceiling

Beautiful designs by Urma Zaidi

A craft that dates back through the ages and an art form that is centuries old is present and alive in the hands of two of our seniors, and tradition just doesn’t get any more beautiful than that.