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Be True to Yourself...Your Life Speaks

Be true to yourself…Your Life Speaks

The very energetic Nathan Harmon spoke to Hanover Central's middle school and high school students Monday on the topic of “Your Life Speaks.” 

two men

Nathan Harmon, in front, talks to the students at Hanover Central Middle School as Vincent Ganz helps him demonstrate an idea.

Harmon has been to the school the past few years bringing his emotional message of being true to yourself to the students. Harmon told the students how in 2009 his life changed forever. He had gotten behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated and hit a tree, killing the passenger in his car. He was sentenced to prison for 15 years but did get released early. And now his life has changed and he goes to schools around the country talking to students about being themselves.

man in front of crowd

Nathan Harmon addresses the freshmen and juniors Monday afternoon at Hanover Central High School.

“You don’t have to compromise yourself,” Harmon said. “You can achieve what you want to achieve.”

Harmon stressed to the students that it’s okay to not be okay. "Don’t compare yourself to others,” he said.  “That can lead to anxiety, depression and failure.”

He told the students that the five things that helped him are: be transparent, be accountable, do hard work, make good choices and surround yourself with invaluable people.

He stressed to the students that you have to trust others and you have to allow friends and parents to help you and be there for you.

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Public speaker Nathan Harmon demonstrates how fragile life issues can be with freshman Mia Sikma.

“I tried to prove to my parents that I didn’t need them,” he said. “I can’t control what people think of me but I can control how I act.”

Harmon stressed to the students that they need to be real and they need to turn to the friends who are there for them and want to help them.

man standing with arm in air

Nathan Harmon addresses the students at Hanover Central Middle School.

He told the students to repeat these three phrases: “I can. I must. I will.”

“The biggest tool you have are your friends,” he said. “Don’t isolate yourself.”