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Homecoming 2019 has officially come to an end.  The students had a fun week with themes planned every day. On Monday the hallways were decorated to various decades. The halls looked amazing with themes from the 50s to the 80s. 


The freshman hall took top prize for the hall decorating during Homecoming Week.

The freshman took top prize that day.  Monday was also Meme Day and some of the students and teachers dressed as their favorite memes.

two people standing with coffee cups

English teachers Michelle Duffy and Chuck Smith had some fun with Meme Day!

Tuesday was Decades Day and again students dressed accordingly.  There were girls in poodle skirts, boys dressed as rock stars. Wednesday was Class Day.  Seniors wore togas while the other students dressed in newspapers and garbage bags.  Thursday was Spirit Day and you could see the Hanover colors throughout the school.

three girls dressed as hippies

Students enjoyed dressing up during Decades Day.

five girls wearing togas

The seniors got into the spirit and wore togas on Class Day.

Thursday afternoon the Spirit Games were played. Fun games included Hungry Hungry Hippos, tug of war, musical chairs, toilet paper wrap, obstacle clothing course and scavenger hunt. The seniors were victorious in the Spirit Games.

tug of war

Students put all their strength into the tug of war during the spirit games. 


mummy in toilet paper Students participate in the toilet paper wrap during the spirit games. 


hungry hungry hippo game

Students play a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos as part of the Spirit Games during Homecoming Week. 


Thursday night the Homecoming Parade went off without a hitch and the rain ended just in time for the parade to begin. After the parade the girls participated in the Powderpuff Football Game and the seniors were victorious over the freshmen and juniors.


The Hanover Central High School Marching Band gets ready for the Homecoming Parade. 


girls standing on field

Pictured are the players and coaches of the Powderpuff football teams this year. 


On Friday the Homecoming Game was very very cold but again the rain ended before the game even began. The Hanover Wildcats were victorious over the Wheeler High  School Bearcats, 17 to 7.

 football players on field

The Hanover Wildcats get ready to run onto the field before the 2019 Homecoming Game. 

At halftime the Homecoming Court was introduced and the King and Queen announced.  Last year’s royalty, Alexis Rapacz and Samuel Momcilovic, were on hand to crown this year’s king and queen, Kyle Anderson and Amanda Schreiber.

four people

Standing with the Homecoming King and Queen, Kyle Anderson and Amanda Schreiber, are Lincoln Elementary students Isaac Gill and Fiona Sessions, the Junior Court. 



Freshmen: Kasey Anderson and Kyle Haessly

Sophomores: Julia Schuldes and Gunnar Howes

Juniors: Leah Mokos and Max Warchol

Junior court: Fiona Sessions and Isaac Gill, Lincoln Elementary students

Seniors: Alyssa Albrecht, Shaelin Biron, Audrey Harris, Natalie  Novorita, Nicole Novorita, Amanda Schreiber, Kyle Anderson, Blake Booker, Dominic DeBartolo, Jackson Foreman, Tyler Fruehling, Dominic Lucido.

people dancing

Students enjoy the Homecoming Dance.

The Homecoming Dance was held on Saturday night to mark the end of Homecoming week.  The gym was decorated with decades décor. The week was filled with lots of fun memories for all the students! Thanks to everyone for all the hard work that went into making the week such a success!