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Hanover Community School Corporation recognized as Common Sense District

Hanover Community School Corporation recognized as Common Sense District

Hanover Community School Corporation has become a Common Sense School District. It is dedicated to teaching young people how to be safe, responsible digital citizens.  

Students are using the power of the internet and mobile technology to explore, connect, create, and learn in ways never before imagined, both in and out of the classroom. At the same time, tech use can bring up ethical challenges such as cyberbullying and misinformation and health issues related to media balance and social and emotional well-being.


Mrs. Debra Meekma works on a computer project with the students at Lincoln Elementary School.

Hanover Community School Corporation sees these as teachable moments. They believe that digital citizenship skills have become essential for students in the 21st century.

Jaclyn Grigutis, Hanover Central Middle School Digital Citizenship/Business and Information Technology Teacher, nominated the district for this honor. But she had help from Debra Meekma, Computer Coordinator at Lincoln Elementary, and Sara Fezler, Computer Coordinator at Jane Ball Elementary School. They each became Common Sense educators and then each had to get their school recognized as a Common Sense School. The last step was becoming a common sense district, which means 75 percent of the district is using Common Sense education within the curriculum.


Mrs. Sara Fezler was one of the teachers, along with Mrs. Meekma and Mrs. Grigutis, who helped make Hanover Community School Corporation a Common Sense District. 

"I am very excited that Hanover Community School Corporation has earned recognition as a Commons Sense School District,” said Mrs. Grigutis.
This recognition shows our community that Hanover Community School Corporation is committed to providing safe and innovative spaces for students to thrive as they harness the full potential of technology for learning and life. This districtwide implementation supports a healthy district culture where our whole community is invested in helping kids thrive as digital learners and citizens."


Students at Lincoln Elementary work on a project for Mrs. Meekma.

Mrs. Meekma feels the students are growing with all this knowledge they are being taught.

“We are making sure the students, beginning with kindergarten, are learning about cyberbullying and what to do on the internet.,” Mrs. Meekma said. “This recognition lets the community know what we are doing.”


Hanover Central Middle School students get directions from Mrs. Grigutis before they prepare to take a test. 

Sara Fezler feels that digital citizenship is so important for young student.
“Many adults never learned computer etiquette so I t is important for the younger people to learn how to act,” Fezler said. “The students need to be safe on the internet and be kind to others. They need to know that whatever you put out there is there forever.”

The recognition acknowledges the school’s deep commitment to helping students build skills that are essential for their well-being.  This honor is provided by Common Sense Education, part of a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology.