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“I would love to take credit for this wonderful surprise, but as in all good deeds, it took a village,” said Mrs. Karen Molden, a 27-year veteran teacher at Lincoln Elementary School and a member of the Rotary Club of Lowell. 

Fellow Rotarian, Joy Shurman had a casual conversation with a member of the Crown Point Rotarians and learned that the Crown Point club had surprised the staff at Crown Point schools with donuts from Chemshaw 13 DonutZ.  The idea was brought to the Lowell Rotary Club members and they jumped at the chance to spoil the Hanover and Tri-Creek schools’ teachers and staff. Mrs. Molden contacted the Principals at each Hanover school, Hanover Transportation Director, Beth Rufo and Superintendent, Mary Tracy-MacAulay to get employee head counts and notify them of the impending delivery of the sweet treats.


woman with box of donuts

Lincoln Elementary School Teacher, Karen Molden with one of many boxes of donuts delivered to Hanover and Lowell Schools courtesy of the Lowell Rotary Club, 20 corporate sponsors and Chemshaw 13 Donutz.  

A total of 20 businesses from Lowell and Crown Point contributed to the cost of the project and Chemshaw made a total of 850 donuts at wholesale cost.  500 donuts were delivered to Lincoln Elementary School, Jane Ball Elementary School, Hanover Central Middle School, Hanover Central High School, the Transportation staff and the Administration building.  Chemshaw employees worked all night to make sure the donuts were as fresh as possible.  A group of Rotarians and representatives from the sponsoring businesses worked together at 7:00 a.m. to attach flyers to the donuts to let teachers and staff know how important they are to the community.  The donuts were delivered bright and early by 8:30 a.m.

 picture of thank you card

Knowing they are appreciated for their service during challenging times meant a lot to teachers and staff members at Hanover schools.

Due to Covid-19 protocols, the deliveries were simple drop offs which may have deprived those bringing the donuts the opportunity to see the joy and delight of teachers and staff members who arrived to find the unexpected reward.  It didn’t diminish the enthusiasm of those on the receiving end of the kind gesture as they enjoyed the donuts, and it didn’t stop them from sending notes of appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Molden to share with the corporate sponsors, Rotarians and Chemshaw 13 DonutZ. 


teacher eating a donut

New Lincoln Elementary NISEC Speech Pathologist, Katie Sherman, enjoyed a donut!  Her bright smile says it all!  

“My donut this morning was incredible.  Thank you for arranging this for the staff!,” said Secretary, Kim Trepton, at Lincoln Elementary.

“Thank you for including us on the donuts they were awesome,” said Custodian Resha Stoddard at Jane Ball Elementary.

“Thank you so much! I will surprise the drivers for their afternoon run. Again, thank you for all you did to make this happen,” shared Transportation Director, Beth Rufo.

To know that you have accomplished a task that exemplifies the motto of the Rotarians, “Service above Self,” is gratifying to Mrs. Molden and the members of the Lowell Rotary Club. 

boxes of donuts

Boxes and thank you notes like this arrived at every Hanover School, the Hanover Transportation Department and Administration Building.  

To know that you are appreciated is a heartwarming message for all of the Hanover employees who shared in the delightfully decadent delivery.   

picture of building Chemshaw DonutZ 13, where the yummy began, is located at 138 S. Main Street, Suite 100 in Crown Point.